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As a child born into a grieving family, I understand first-hand the impact long-term grief from the death of a child can have on a family. Beginning at the age of 5, when my “best friend” Joey died, followed by the death of my deeply beloved grandfather at the age of 9, my little heart was opened to compassion. I became the girl in grade-school who spent time sitting side-by-side with my friends who experienced deep loss through the death of their parents or siblings. I wasn’t afraid to talk about death with those friends because I understood even at that young age, that death was a part of life. My friends needed to talk about their grief and I was the one who was there to listen.

I understood even at that young age, that death was a part of life.

When I was a young nurse, I would spend my time with my terminally ill patients talking about death and dying. From young men dying of AIDS in the 1980’s, to the elderly who came under my care for their final day of life, I found I was at my best when I was holding the hands of those who were dying, and holding the space for their families in their grief.

After a 25-year career as a corporate executive in the medical case management and insurance industry, I stepped back into what I was born to do – providing compassionate guidance to those who grieve. As a grief coach, my passion for helping grieving mothers is fueled by not wanting them to have to wait 60 years to find healing like my mother did.

Bereaved parents should be able to feel safe and supported in their grief. They should never feel abandoned and they should be allowed to grieve in the way that feels right for them.

Bereaved parents should be able to feel safe and supported in their grief.

I helped my mother find healing after 60 years of unresolved grief and that experience set me on the path to help other mothers. Many of my clients have come to me for coaching, not realizing it was unresolved grief playing a significant role in their physical, emotional or spiritual life challenges.

If you are finding yourself ready to take the step in moving into this next phase of your life, I can help you create your life into one that is filled with health and purpose… a life where you are THRIVING and not just surviving.

All you have to do is click the link below to set up time for us to chat. 

During this 60-minute one-on-one session, I want you to share your grief journey with me. I will listen and then ask questions to understand where you have come from and we can get crystal clear on what it is you are looking for. We will  chat about why now feels like the right time for you and we will spend some time diving into what some of the obstacles are that have been preventing you from making the changes you want in your life. 


time-calendar-saturday-weekend-60032 As a Certified Coach through the International Coaching Federation (ICF):

  • I am held to the highest standards in the coaching industry.
  • I am required to stay current in my coaching tools and resources by attending continuing education to maintain my certification status.


I see myself as a healing guide for mind, body, and spirit. I became certified as a Spring Forest Qigong Certified Trainer in 2017 to teach others how they can tap into their own healing wisdom to heal physical and emotional challenges.

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I am a Certified Celebrant for Funerals and Celebrations of Life,  serving those who are not affiliated with any religion or church. My goal is to support the family by creating a personalized service to honor their loved one.Cert-Cel-Logo-blu-text2

I also am a volunteer for Hearts of Hope Camp through Children’s Grief Connection, a non-profit organization providing grief camps for children and their families in Minnesota and Wisconsin.




“Pat, looking back at where I “was” before we started working together and where I “am” now, my life has turned around. I have a wonderful, love-filled life to live, and I’m still finding new norms for myself. Before I just wanted to get through the day so I could sleep; now I want to LIVE the day. I’ve told you how much working with you has meant to me; it’s time I tell others. I truly don’t know where I’d be right now if our paths hadn’t crossed that day but I thank God they did 😊!… Pat’s passion and compassion in guiding me while learning breath work, meditation and visualization was so amazing. Even if I get on our call in tears (we all have our days) her wisdom and insight allows her to guide me, using the tools she taught me, into letting go of or seeing another side to whatever is going on. It’s amazing (Lori M. Colorado)

“Pat is a rare woman. She has a wonderful combination of wisdom, pragmatism, experience and deep love for people which immediately becomes apparent in her sessions. Pat was able to teach me that I had the answers to my problems within myself… she quickly taught this ability I have and continues to do so with each session I have with her. Her gentle, powerful way of being empathetic, not sympathetic, is sheer magic. I genuinely wish everyone had her to help them through the inevitable ups and down that we all experience in life. Thank you Pat for being the true healer that you are.” (D.B. Minnesota)

The support, genuine care and discussions we have had… cannot express what that has meant to me while moving through the stages of grief.” (A.H. Minnesota)