Recipe for Life…

  I met up with an old friend/boss of mine last week and as we talked about what I have been up to in my life,  he said “it’s not about balance… it is about blending”.  Not balance but blending… hmm…, I think he has something there… Recipes are made up of blending ingredients together,… Read More

Pay Attention

I have been traveling a bit the past two weeks for work and as usual during my travels,  there always seems to be some opportunity to take away some lessons learned… I was on a flight to Chicago on American Airlines and at Chicago, I needed to change planes to a catch a flight to Indianapoiis on… Read More

Superwoman moves to Satisfactory Supporter

“Don’t swim against the current.  Just know that you are doing what you have to do, and you’re doing it as well as you are able.  You’re not superwoman and no one expects you to be.” ~Unknown~ I am currently reading Find Your Strongest Life… by Marcus Buckingham which is a book about what some of the happiest… Read More