Grief and Chronic Pain

I have been asked to speak about grief and the injured worker this week at a seminar for workers compensation professionals. Since I have left the corporate world of workers compensation early this year, it has allowed me to view how we deal with people who are injured and in chronic pain a bit differently than… Read More

Here, There and Everywhere!

Have you ever felt like you were needing to focus here, there and everywhere? That is how I have felt lately and the more I need to focus, the less focused I am… hmm… maybe there is a lesson in this? The last couple of weeks I have felt knee-deep in expectations… expectations that only… Read More

Building Your Business With the Eyes of a Child

My two and a half year-old grand-daughter had visited with us for several days and it has amazed me to watch her learn new words, new concepts and new ways of doing things in just a few days time.  It dawned on me this morning that children can teach us to become more entrepreneurial  because they have not yet… Read More

Beginning with Vision

Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others ~ Jonathon Swift~ Yesterday I had a great coaching session with a client… As with any coaching session,  she set our agenda and what she wanted to accomplish by the end of our session.  Her intent was to come up with an objective for her… Read More

How is your organization proliferating?

Here a goose… there a goose… everywhere a goose goose… Why do Canadian Geese proliferate and survive the way they do?  I don’t know about where you live but in Minnesota,  we have had an exploding Canadian Goose population over the past several years. When I say exploding… it is a bit of an understatement…… Read More

Situational Leading

How do we best handle the stages of team when we are the leader?  How do we help teams and individuals move into high performance as rapidly as possible? Based on a Situational Leadership model that I learned years ago,  the following leadership techniques are ones that I have adopted over the years and I hope… Read More

Stages of Team 101

Many years ago I attended a seminar on Situational Leadership and the principles of that process has stuck with me for many years.  It was something that was easily integrated into my training and led to my ultimate philosophy of the various stages of team development. Teams (and individuals) go through various stages of development… Read More

Calendar Chaos (and how to refocus)

I know that we have all read articles and listened to speakers on how to effectively manage our time in this age of 24/7 access to the Internet  providing a constant communication flow within emails, social and professional media such as Facebook, Twitter and Linked In.  I wonder how many of us continue to try… Read More

Worn out Shoes…

I decided to use my A.A.C.T. Today® model on myself this morning to see if I could gain some clarity into what I want to focus on today (for both my blog post and my activities for the day).  As I was using the model to assess my personal challenge(s) that I want to change,  I started… Read More

From Fog to Focus: Obtaining your B.A.

I was working with a small business owner the other day and I walked away  from that conversation with a sense that she is so busy building and running her day-to-day business,  that she is overwhelmed … pure and simple.  She is juggling balls titled Boss, Mentor, Marketing & Sales, Chief Financial Officer, Human Resources… Read More