Glasses houses can be broken…

People in glass houses should not throw stones… A glass house is only a stone’s throw away from breaking… unless of course, it is made out of bullet proof glass.  Who wants to live in a bullet-proof house though?  I would think life would be pretty miserable to always be in fear that you are… Read More

Random Thoughts…

I had traveled for a couple of days earlier this week and as I sat on the plane flying home last night,  I decided to check out the airline magazine because I always seem to find a gem or two of inspiration in those magazines.  After flipping through the airline magazine,  I pulled out my… Read More

Celebrating for Self-Esteem

As many of my readers know, I am on my journey in becoming a certified coach through the MentorCoach training program and ultimately through the International Coaching Federation.   After researching various certification programs, I chose MentorCoach because of its emphasis on using a Positive Psychology approach to coaching.  I am now in an Intensive… Read More

Creeping Charlie

Creeping Charlie or Glechoma hederacea (for those of you who insist on knowing the scientific name) is what is described by the University of Minnesota Extension Office as “a low-growing perennial weed”.  I describe it more as a royal pain in the … yard.  This obnoxious weed will take over a whole lawn if given any… Read More