Airline Connections

Last Thursday, my husband and I were flying home after visiting his parents in Arizona for a few days. Traveling on Southwest Airlines is a grab your own seat kind of flight with no assigned seating. Since we had a short period of time to reach our connecting flight on time, I wanted to sit… Read More


Have you ever had the experience where something happened that was one of those you just can’t make this stuff up moments?  That is exactly what happened when I met a wonderful gal on a flight Indianapolis to Chicago this past Friday morning… As we were sitting on the plane waiting to hear more about our delayed… Read More

Always Learning…

I don’t sleep any more.  Something has happened as I have hit middle age and what I never could understand (people getting up at the crack of dawn to sit quietly or read the paper), I now understand.  I feel the need to get out of bed, grab my computer, turn on a fire and… Read More