Death & Dying with Grace(e)

The week before Christmas, our younger dog, Gracee (the white and brown one above), had an upset stomach a couple of times. For those of you who are dog owners, it is not unusual for a dog to get an upset stomach once in awhile, so we did not think too much of it. Then… Read More

Multi-generational Moving Part I

On October 23rd, my son and his bride purchased a beautiful (and extremely large) new home that created a chain of events that will change our family dynamics forever. My husband and I, along with my ninety-two year old mother, have all moved into this home over the past few weeks. Our kids bought this… Read More

Let’s Go Crazy

The picture above is me reading the lyrics to “Let’s Go Crazy” as a tribute to Prince during  a fundraiser I was hosting on Thursday evening. It had been exactly one week prior, when I was setting up another fundraiser for my community, that I heard the news… Prince had died. As a Minnesotan, I was… Read More

Bleeding Six Colors…

Perfectionist… Demanding… Arrogant… Brutally Honest… I was watching a documentary on Steven Jobs the other night and those were the words used to describe him. Many of us would not consider being a demanding and arrogant individual as something to strive for and we would most likely take affront if those were the descriptors used… Read More

“Don’t Cry Sister” : Creating Change Through Music

I was out on a run yesterday afternoon to get back into my exercise routine after having a pretty erratic work-out schedule the past several weeks.  Life has been quite full since the beginning of July when my husband fractured his ankle while on our motorcycle trip which required surgery (resulting in… zero… zip… nada… weight… Read More

The Ultimate Measure of Leadership (Part 4 of 6)

A LEADER: Lives Values Empowers Others Asks for feedback, ideas, comments Directs the Course Effectively Communicates Responds As I was thinking about my blog topic today, I immediately started to think about the TV show  The Deadliest Catch.  In case you have never seen this show,  camera crews are on commercial fishing (crab) boats on the Bering… Read More