The Transformation…

Holy smokes! It has been two months since I have written a blog post! As my readers know, I like to post one to two times a month, and as you can see, I missed the mark for the past few months. So what has taken my attention away from sharing information that I think… Read More

Grief and Chronic Pain

I have been asked to speak about grief and the injured worker this week at a seminar for workers compensation professionals. Since I have left the corporate world of workers compensation early this year, it has allowed me to view how we deal with people who are injured and in chronic pain a bit differently than… Read More

“Don’t Cry Sister” : Creating Change Through Music

I was out on a run yesterday afternoon to get back into my exercise routine after having a pretty erratic work-out schedule the past several weeks.  Life has been quite full since the beginning of July when my husband fractured his ankle while on our motorcycle trip which required surgery (resulting in… zero… zip… nada… weight… Read More