The Novice and The Ego

As many of my readers will recall, last year I learned how to ride a three-wheeled motorcycle (trike). I was pretty proud of myself for learning how to use the clutch and throttle, becoming fairly fluid in switching gears, and overall becoming a more confident rider by the end of the riding season. Living in… Read More

Learning to Ride with Training Wheels

For Audio Version: I am now an official H.O.G. chick (that would be the Harley Owner’s Group kind of H.O.G… not the  farm animal variety)! Last Fall I bought a new model Harley Davidson three wheel motorcycle (trike).  I wasn’t planning on buying one last year, but I had set an intention earlier in the year… Read More

The beauty of Krystle…

As I was sitting in the waiting area to get my hair done last weekend,  I struck up a conversation with a younger woman who was waiting for another stylist.  She wore her hair straight and long and she was quite pretty.  She had the look of an innocent doe-eyed young girl and she seemed… Read More

Stages of Team 101

Many years ago I attended a seminar on Situational Leadership and the principles of that process has stuck with me for many years.  It was something that was easily integrated into my training and led to my ultimate philosophy of the various stages of team development. Teams (and individuals) go through various stages of development… Read More