A Cocoon for Healing within Your Grief

  I have had the question posed to me: “Are you sure you only want to focus on coaching grieving moms?”  Well intentioned people think that maybe I should broaden my reach and not have such a narrow focus because they know someone who is grieving the death of their child and they do not believe… Read More

Forgiven long ago…

My son Trevor did the most amazing thing on Father’s Day. He took the initiative and contacted his biological father who he had basically been estranged from since he was 4 years old (he had one conversation with his father the day of his grad party from high-school in 2005). The short story to our… Read More

Pushing through the Pain… one step at a time

I started running again to get prepared to run my second annual 5K for our local Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure that is coming up on Mother’s Day and I literally have not run for a few months. I am recording my blog post thoughts as I am running and I can definitely hear… Read More

Staying Straight…

I helped a young man by driving him to a detox center this past week.  This 23 year old kid is a crack addict and an alcoholic – pure and simple.  If he gets into treatment again, this will be the third time in the past year and each time he went through a program, he… Read More

Beauty and the Beast (within)

I had my topic for my next blog post in my mind (some incredibly awesome thoughts on leadership and the performance review process) but it all changed when I jumped on my treadmill last evening to get in a little exercise before I got back to sitting on my butt for another few hours in… Read More