I believe you are visiting my website because you have experienced the worst tragedy of all time, the death of someone you loved so intensely that your heart now feels it is shattered into a million pieces. I could provide some great inspirational quotes here and tell you that everything is going to be okay but I sense that is not what you are looking for right now. You have come to this site because you are looking for someone to help you figure out how to manage life now that everything has changed so dramatically.

Grief is created because we love so deeply

How many times in your grief have you sobbed so hard that your breathing gets paralyzed and you have difficulty exhaling? Probably more times than you can count since your child died. One of the first things I have found working with a grieving parent is that I need to remind them to breathe. The natural act of breathing becomes a forgotten when in the grips of grief.

After years of working with grieving moms, I have developed my B.R.E.A.T.H.E. coaching program.

This coaching model incorporates tools and exercises to assist you in  rebuilding your life through two key coaching components: Awareness and Action.


My hope for you is that you will find your purpose and with that purpose, you will experience peace, contentment and joy once again in your life.

Assess Adjust Commit Transform

Are You Ready To

  • Wake up and get out of bed with some sense of purpose each day?

  • Find ways to help you get your physical energy back?

  • Know how to “even out” your emotions when you are feeling out of control?

  • Have ideas to plan stress-free time with your family and friends?

  • Honor your loved one’s memory and spirit on a regular basis?


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