How Do I Survive the Holidays? Living Life After Child Loss

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Some people wonder why I spend my time focusing on helping grieving moms. The short and simple answer is this:
 I was born to a grieving mom
   I would imagine my mother didn’t realize that she was a grieving mother because she felt the need to bury her grief after my brother died. That was how it was typically handled back then. You were expected to move on and not discuss it. If you didn’t talk about your pain and sadness, people thought you were okay – I believe my mom thought she was “okay” too. I couldn’t know for sure because my deceased brother was never discussed in my home and neither were her feelings.
   7 years ago, my brother would have turned 60 and that opened up all those years of unresolved grief for my mom. She had to talk about the guilt, the anger, the loneliness and the deep sadness of those memories from that time. So she shared, I listened. I allowed myself to be curious in a loving and honoring way because I instinctively knew that this was the time to help my mother finally find some healing. This wasn’t a one time conversation but went on over several occasions.
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   I have realized over the years of working not only with my mom but other grieving moms, the holidays are often-times anticipated with confusion, ambivalence, and anger as they question:
  • How do I get through this time when I am filled with dread and cannot imagine celebrating another holiday without my child?
  • What is the right thing to do for my other children when I really do not want to be around anyone?
  • I cannot handle being at a big family dinner and pretend that I am happy or “okay”.
  • I do not want to ruin the holidays for my family.
Does this sound like you?
   As I was thinking about the upcoming holidays, I decided today that I am going to offer a special program, accepting registration for 4 qualifying applicants to join me in Healing for the Holidays – a Gift for Grieving Moms program.
With this program, you will:
  1. Be clear on your direction and goals within two weeks.
  2. Have a defined support system in place and operational during this process.
  3. Have a crystal clear strategy and execution plan for the upcoming holidays (and other future special occasions), including: If, how and when you will spend quality time with your family and friends in a way that works best for you.
  4. Have your beloved child’s spirit and memories guiding you throughout this  process.
  5. Be more empowered and confident in yourself and your decisions as you continue to walk your personal path of bereavement.
   Since there is a limited period of time between now and the upcoming holidays, registration will only be open for 4 days. I will stop taking applications Tuesday, October 22nd at 8pm Central Time.
So who will be considered a successful applicant for this program? Someone who:
  • is at least 9 months out from the death of her child.
  • is willing to invest the time and personal resources it will take to move quickly and effectively through the 1:1 program sessions with me to get the results in time for the holidays.
   I do this work because I care. I don’t want mothers to live with unresolved grief eating slowly away at their relationships and their health for decades. The reason I am successful at being a great coach is because I offer a different perspective. I am an expert at helping those who grieve to move forward and find their footing on the rocky path of grief. My program is not just about talking about your grief,  it requires committed action.
Are You Ready To A.A.C.T. Today?
(Assess. Adjust. Commit. Transform.)
   If you are ready, click on the link below to apply and set up an introduction call with me by  Tuesday evening. Remember, there is a limit of 4 spots open and this one time offer expires in only for 4 days to allow enough time to get you the results by the upcoming holidays.
With Much Love,
p.s. if you are not a grieving mom but you know someone who you think would benefit from this program, feel free to share this newsletter with them.

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