How Do I Go On Living?

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“How do I go on living?’ is the most frequently asked question I get when I am talking with a bereaved parent. When a parent experiences the death of a child,  life stops in that moment and the all-consuming thought is: “I cannot bear to live without my child”. 

I have heard so many parents tell me that they wish they could die because they want to be with their child. They are not suicidal, they are absolutely broken and in such despair that they cannot imagine how to continue on in life. They just cannot fathom that they can survive after their child died.

But the reality is, life does not stop and figuring out a way to survive when grief has us clutched painfully and deeply in its talons gives way to the constant over-riding thought: How Do I Survive?


If you are a grieving mom, you most likely are riding an emotional rollercoaster that literally takes your breath away. You may find yourself going from happy to sad to mad in a heartbeat. Your relationships with family, friends, and co-workers might feel strained or uncomfortable, and your energy is so low that it’s hard to get out of bed to keep moving throughout the day.


  • Get out of bed, get dressed, and get your “to do” list done each day?
  • Find ways to get your physical energy back?
  • Even out your emotions when you feel out of control?
  • Function throughout your workday?
  • Have stress-free time with your family and friends?
  • Honor your child’s memory and name on a regular basis?

If any of these—or better yet—all of these questions sounded like something you are searching for, and you know you need some support in achieving these goals, I’d love to connect with you and talk about how we can get you on stable ground so you can move forward in this life.

Of course, I’d love to hop on the phone with everyone, but I have to spend most of my time with those grieving moms who are already taking the steps to re-define their lives. However, I have managed to open up a few hours this week to chat with a few moms who are ready to make some changes and are a good fit for my new B.R.E.A.T.H.E. program.  You can schedule a private, 1;1 call with me here: Go To My Calendar


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