A Generation in Transition


One year and eight months ago, my corporate job as an executive in the insurance industry ended. I found myself with a nice paycheck for a year which meant a sense of freedom that I had never felt since I was a child. I didn’t have to get up to an alarm clock anymore. I could walk my dogs any time of the day, whenever I felt like it. I could pursue new interests, like writing my book, and I could work on developing my coaching business. I travelled to Florida, Montana, and Greece.

This break helped me to look at my life… to reflect on what the next chapter of my life would look like.

We downsized, sold our main home, and moved in with our kids. Our thought was to rent the bottom portion of their home, living part-time there and part-time at our second home (located on a beautiful river property in Central Minnesota). It is a beautiful plan because having all of us in one home (which includes my ninety-three year old mother), provides our children with financial means to pay the mortgage, and lowers my husband’s and my cost of living. It also provides flexibility for us to be able to leave my mother in capable hands if my husband and I go out-of-town. Another plus is not having to deal with all of the costs, time and energy put into owning two homes.

After working full-time for thirty-three years, I was in a place of true contentment.

In ten months, I will be turning sixty years old. 

I am in that group of baby boomers who are pretty healthy, mentally alert, not ready for Medicare and too young for Social Security. Many of us have moved from the high stress and demanding “jobs” that we had because we needed a break. We have funded our retirement plans up to this point, but we know that using that resource at this stage of life could be a bit short-sighted.

Many of us women are going back to our roots – literally. We are ready to let go of the hair dye, and see our true colors. We are a generation of smart, capable, and hard-working individuals. We have a desire to be engaged mentally and physically. We choose to be inspired and inspire others, all while nurturing ourselves.

We are transforming and not ready to park ourselves on the sidelines of life.

No parking



The transition from a full-time corporate executive with demanding responsibilities, to a life coach in a start-up business has taught me a lot about myself. I realized that I want the best of both worlds, with flexibility and freedom. I am choosing to re-shape my life once again. I am choosing to allow financial security into my life by seeking engagement where I am the “employee” versus the leader. I am choosing heart-centered engagement with my coaching clients. I am choosing flexibility and freedom to be able to work from either of my homes.

I am choosing to step into the next decade of my life with passion and joy.

Where are you on your life path? 

If my story resonates with you, know that you are not alone in this playground we call life!

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