The Transformation…


Holy smokes! It has been two months since I have written a blog post! As my readers know, I like to post one to two times a month, and as you can see, I missed the mark for the past few months.

So what has taken my attention away from sharing information that I think may be helpful to my readers?

It is pretty simple actually… I have just had a bit of a re-birth. Not in a “born again Christian” kind of re-birth, but more of a life’s transition re-birth.

2016 was a year of completion for me, in so many ways. Through finishing my book, selling our home, downsizing our living space, ridding ourselves of material goods, and working through the emotional and financial changes from ending a long-standing corporate career, many things “ended” in my life.

As I have shared in prior posts, 2017 is what is considered a “1” year from a numerology standpoint. A “1” year is a time of beginning. For many of us, it is a time to begin anew. A re-birth so to speak.

Now we are almost halfway through 2017, and this girl has slowly been unfurling her wings, and gently moving herself out of the old cocoon, ready to spread her wings and fly with ease.

butterfly pic close up no frame shows

As I look over the past five months, one thought comes to mind: “Transformation is not always an easy task, and in fact, it can be downright unpleasant at times”.

Have you ever read the description or watched a video about the metamorphosis of a caterpillar transitioning into a butterfly? The caterpillar basically turns to mush before the appendages of the butterfly begin to take form. As the caterpillar dissolves, and the butterfly has taken shape within the cocoon, it begins the process of slowly and painstakingly, pulling itself out of the cocoon. As the butterfly emerges from its chamber,  its wet wings begin to unfurl, drying as they come in touch with the air. The wings become stronger as they gently move to prepare for flight.

It is not without struggle, that the butterfly can move with grace and ease.

Part of my re-birth is stepping fully into my life purpose. Understanding and experiencing unconditional love appears to be a pre-requisite for me to graduate with honors from this life. It has become very clear to me, that incorporating unconditional love into my being is my number one purpose on this earth. I know, I know,  it probably sounds kind of corny to some, and people who have known me for most of my life are probably shaking their heads, but there you have it… I am supposed to learn and be Unconditional Love.

Here is my big newsflash: Being unconditionally loving 24/7 is not an easy task!

Being unconditional love means that I am to love, even when I don’t feel like it. It means that when I catch myself making judgements about other people, I have to consciously tell myself to “love, don’t judge“. It means that sometimes I have to “fake it, ’til I make it“. Yes, sometimes it feels like utter BS when I am telling myself “you are loving this person… you are loving this situation… you are flowing love…“, even when I know that I am not really feeling that way at the time.

The funny thing is, after telling myself over and over “I am flowing love, I am flowing love, I am flowing love…“, I forgot what I was being judgmental about, or why the other person was irritating me. My nastiness just melts away – kind of like that caterpillar that was going through its transformation…

 Healing Through Unconditional Love

A week before I was to go to a five-day Spring Forest Qigong conference, I had injured my back. I had a sharp pain in my left low back, which radiated down the outside of my left leg, creating numbness into my toes and the ball of my left foot. The pain was topping the pain scale at about an 8 or 9 (out of 10), which is off the charts for me, considering I usually have a pretty high pain threshold.

As I sat in the conference for approximately eight hours a day on hard chairs, I would pray for relief. When we did the Qigong exercises in the early mornings and throughout the day, I would visualize my pain exiting my back and leg – shooting off to the ends of the Universe just like I was taught to do as part of my Qigong practice.

It wasn’t working…

By late Tuesday afternoon of the conference, I went home close to tears. I told my husband, “I cannot take much more of this…”. The pain was excruciating and it was getting the best of me. I was frustrated that I was not getting any better and that the qigong was not working miracles like I felt it should. Fear started coming into my being, concerned that a disc in my back was causing me permanent nerve damage. My knowledge as a nurse began to haunt me, with all of the worst case scenarios I could imagine, flowing through my mind.

On Wednesday, Master Chunyi Lin (Founder of Spring Forest Qigong) led us in his Lotus group healing meditation. He asked the people who needed healing to form a circle around an empty chair in the middle of the room. He instructed the rest of us to create more circles around that inner circle of people and the chair. He then asked us to imagine anyone we would like healing for, to sit on the empty chair, telling us that the chair was big enough to hold many people… it was large enough to hold the world, if that is what we wanted.

Master Lin let us all know that even though we may not be sitting in the innermost circle, we too would find healing if we wanted it. I was totally focused on obtaining healing for myself and I added in some family and friends to sit in the empty chair.

Master Lin began the meditation, bringing in the essence of the lotus flower. As we meditated, all of a sudden, I smelled the sweet fragrance of a flower. Now, I have no clue what a lotus flower smells like, but I definitely was smelling the strong fragrance of a flower. As I looked around, I could see I was not the only one inhaling this fragrance. Some people were leaning forward and inhaling, while others took their hands and guided the fragrance to their faces.

I am pretty certain that the hotel staff was not pumping in a flowery fragrance through the ventilation system, so the only explanation is that, Master Lin was able to help us create a powerful image that created a change in the energy of the room… an energy change that created the scent of flowers. It was unbelievable!


Then we began chanting a Six Word Chant that Master Lin has created. As I closed my eyes and repeated the chant over and over with the rest of the hundred-plus people surrounding me, tears starting streaming down my face. I honestly did not feel any emotion whatsoever at the time, so I was a bit curious as to why my face was covered in tears, which were dripping off of my chin.

Suddenly I heard a message… I was to ask for healing on behalf of my brother… not for myself. It was so clear to me that my brother should be the focus of healing at this time and that my healing could wait. I asked that my brother be brought into the circle of healing, and made a request to the universal energy surrounding me that my brother find full healing within the next few months.

It was then that I understood my tears… they were a release of any thought for myself. It was the emotional outpouring of putting my brother’s needs first before myself.

It was the experience of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE

As the meditation ended and I got up to say goodbye to the people I had met at the conference, I suddenly noticed an absence of something. The intense low back pain I had been experiencing was gone! I could hardly believe it… it literally was GONE!

By sending forth healing energy and unconditional love to my brother, I was also bringing it back unto myself…

It has now been a few weeks and the intense pain in my low back remains gone. The pain down my hip, leg, and ankle has been slowly improving and the numbness into my toes and the ball of my foot is almost completely resolved.

I credit my healing to a holistic approach: My acupuncturist’s knowledge and steady hands, my chiropractor’s amazing massage and healing manipulations, my Spring Forest Qigong’s gentle movements and meditations, but most of all – I credit unconditional love. Unconditional love from the practitioners who treat me, unconditional love from Master Chunyi Lin, and unconditional love from me and to me.

As a certified, Spring Forest Qigong trainer and Group Practice Leader, please contact me ( or through my Contact Me page), for information on training sessions I will be holding Minnesota. My website is currently being updated, and will soon have a calendar of events for you to see what is coming up in the future!

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