Living With Hope

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This morning’s energy around our home was feeling totally crazy with our little Hope-puppy, who was flying from room to room, grabbing whatever she could with her mouth. She was ready to play hard and fast,  and it was absolute chaos because she was not listening, in total puppy ADHD mode. I have to admit, I lost my cool when she shot out of the closet we were standing in, and I heard a big THUMP! I knew right away that this precious (yes, you probably detect a wee bit of sarcasm here) little bundle of energy, had gotten ahold of something she shouldn’t have.

I walked out of the closet and there was my potted plant lying on its side on the carpeted floor,  black potting soil covering a pretty large area on our light beige carpet. Yep, out sweet little puppy pulled the plant off of the window ledge by one of its long shoots, and of course, this all happened when I was in a hurry to get ready to go to a meeting with a client.

As soon as I saw the mess on the floor, I hollered (okay, I swore loudly). I went to reach (okay… “grab”) for her so I could put her in her crate while I was cleaning up the mess. As those of you who are (or have been) puppy owners, trying to grab a puppy that you just hollered at, is like starting a game of tag. She went off like a shot, ready to romp and play with me, which only made me more upset and angry.

I finally remembered to practice what I teach… to breathe, taking control of myself, and using the commands that she has been learning to be a good puppy. Once I calmed down and spoke with gently authority, she sat obediently, and I was able to escort her into her crate which helped to settle us both down. Thankfully, the soil was quite dry and it didn’t take much to vacuum up the mess (and water the plant that was very thirsty)!

As I was driving to my client meeting, I thought about Hope and our interaction. I felt bad that I hollered at her because she is still a pup, full of energy and curiosity. She didn’t grab the plant and dump it on the floor purposely to piss me off, but boy I sure acted like she did!

I chose to have Hope come into my life after Gracee died a few months ago, and I know that Hope is playing a very important role in my life. She is teaching me lessons that I have had many times in my life… lessons about patience, how to be nurturing, and unconditional love.

Living with Hope can be a challenge at times…

When we experience difficult times in our lives, allowing Hope in, is not always easy. Having Hope in the midst of chaotic times can truly be a test of patience.

Sometimes we get angry with Hope, and feel like Hope is letting us down. Sometimes we may feel like Hope is not listening, and we wonder “what happened to all of the “training”  that we went through, and why after so many months (or years), having Hope can still be a challenge for us?

Sometimes we may decide to put Hope away for a short time, while we are sorting through our thoughts and emotions. There may even be times where we may feel ready to give up on Hope, because we are having difficulty seeing the possibilities of our future. We have difficulty seeing because the light in our tunnel of despair can be quite dim.

When we experience stress through physical or emotional trauma in our lives, remembering who we are and what our purpose is, sometimes gets lost and we lose our Hope – forgetting to Honor Our Purpose Everyday.

Then, just when we are ready to call it quits, we find ourselves smiling or laughing unexpectedly, as Hope allows the silliness and humor of life to come out and play. We begin to remember how important it is to honor ourselves.

Finally, after awhile, life settles down and a mature Hope sits quietly with us, providing us with unconditional love and acceptance, always ready to be at our side.

Honoring Our Purpose Everyday


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