Holistic Healing


About three months ago, our medical insurance company sent us a notice that our new premiums for 2017 would be jumping from $830.00 to over $1300.00 per month. This is a premium with a $6500.00 deductible per person. I have to tell you that I had a bit of a shock when I opened that little piece of information!

Since my exit from corporate life a year ago, and becoming a self-employed coach-preneur (okay, I made that title up but if the shoe fits…), I knew that alternatives to health insurance needed to be researched to see what our options were. I also knew we were not alone in seeing major health insurance cost spikes. I knew of folks who did not yet qualify for Medicare and were unable to get any insurance coverage.  I noticed a lot of fear flowing through my Facebook news feeds at that time.

I viewed our options and decided that I did not need to carry health insurance on myself because I was determined to become medication-free and as healthy as possible. I was on a mission to heal my body! So I embarked on a new (actually it is very old) way of healing myself outside of the traditional Western medical model.

I already practiced yoga, meditation, and walked several miles a day, so I knew I had a good basis to get my body into a state of balance and freedom from disease. I also knew that I was on four medications for non-allergic rhinitis, I would typically experience sinus infections a few times a year, I had acid reflux issues for the past thirty years requiring prescription medication, I have controlled hypertension (controlled by two medications), and a medication for chronic constipation (yes, I am talking about bowel movements in this post).

I decided to try acupuncture as recommended by my yoga instructor. She gave me the name to her acupuncturist and I started the first steps towards my goal of healing my body. My acupuncturist, Joyce, took a very detailed history from me and spent a good twenty or so minutes talking with me before I had my first treatment. She thought that it would probably take about twelve treatments to get my body in better balance. When she explained how all of my symptoms from sinus congestion to acid reflux to not being able to poop normally, were all related, it made perfect sense to me.

I knew that I had not honored my body emotionally or physically for many years because I allowed stress to wreak havoc before I tuned into yoga, meditation, and my spirituality. I also knew that I could not expect an immediate quick fix when it took me decades to create the physical issues that I was dealing with.

I am now three months into doing acupuncture on a regular basis (one time a week), and I am happy to say that I have eliminated all of my sinus medications, my heartburn medicine, and the $300.00/month prescription for chronic constipation. I am currently taking some herbal supplements to help me as I continue to bring balance to my body, mind, and spirit. I still get some heartburn but I know that will soon be gone as I continue to work on effectively handling both physical and emotional stress in my life.

I have recently signed up for a health insurance alternative with a Christian healthcare ministry program. The monthly costs are extremely manageable, and I like the concept of all of us sharing and helping each other when the need arises. I have heard positive feedback about these programs and I hope to report next year that it was the best decision I could make.

I know that I am a little late coming to the table of alternative and holistic medicine, but I also know that this table is filled with an abundance of practitioners and alternative treatments to help me lead a long, vital life!


My wish for you is to have a healthy, happy, and abundant 2017 filled with

Peace, Joy, Light and Love!




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