Healing With a MOMM’s Touch

I happened to be standing in line at Lowe’s last week and my eyes were drawn to the magazine area where Time Magazine had a Special Edition called Mindfulness: The New Science of Health and Happiness. This caught my eye because I am a true believer in what I call Healing with a MOMM (Mind Over Matter Medicine)’s touch. I believe we can help heal ourselves through a mindfulness approach, and a holistic practice of medicine.

Mindfulness has become a hot topic over the past several years. Is this some New Age, hippie dippy craze or is there valid research on the positive effects of the use of mindfulness techniques?


The aforementioned Time Magazine special edition has done a fantastic job sharing information and research regarding this “New Science of Health and Happiness”.  I suggest you go to your local big box hardware store as soon as possible and grab a copy before they are sold out!

Research has shown promising benefits from utilizing mindfulness, ranging from boosting creative thought to lowering one’s blood pressure. I read an article last year where several highly successful business leaders claim to have a dedicated daily meditation practice. They all stated that meditating had a positive impact on their creativity and problem solving.

Quieting the mind actually stimulates it – how cool is that?

Mindfulness also works very well in managing stress, which is a big deal considering stress is a major contributing factor to many physical and psychological conditions, including hypertension, obesity, migraines,  and PTSD. A friend of mine who was diagnosed with Stage III colorectal cancer a few years ago, swears that her cancer arose out of the emotional stress from having her husband die in a car accident many years ago, leaving her to raise two very young children and running the small business that he co-owned with his brother. To add a little more stress to her life,  her house burst into flames resulting in major smoke and fire damage. Her forty-year old body was left with very little reserve to take on the fight when those deviant little cells in her body decided to accumulate and take up residence in her intestines.

This is definitely not New Age medicine either. As a student nurse in the late 1970’s, we were taught to give a ten minute back massage to every one of our patients at bedtime. The nuns at my Catholic Nursing school knew that relaxation was important for physical healing. Also, according to the Times Magazine article previously mentioned, yoga was developed in India during the period of 3300 – 1900 B.C., showing us that mindfulness techniques have been around a very long time.

I  consider myself as a Healing Guide for people who are interested in finding ways to help them in healing themselves from the after-effects of emotional or physical trauma (including grief) and chronic pain. Sometimes my clients have not experienced any traumatic events but are simply looking for ways to improve their overall minds, bodies, and spirits.

The Time Magazine that I picked up at Lowe’s that day was clearly an affirmation that there is a need for people to get their hands on tools and techniques to incorporate mindfulness into their day-to-day routines. With that said, I am very excited to begin holding workshops in Minnesota starting next month to help people find their Path to Health and Happiness:

Each workshop will hold a maximum of ten (10) participants where we will spend a total of twelve (12) hours together within a sacred circle of support and healing. Participants will learn and experience:

  • Effective tools for creating deeper awareness of what is happening within their physical bodies when under they experience physical or emotional stress. These tools include meditation and mindfulness techniques.
  • Stress reducing activities through physical movement “meditation”, and mindful breath work.
  • An overview of various holistic modalities that can possibly be incorporated into each individuals’ own path to health and wellness.
  • How to take control and heal mind, body, and spirit in a safe and non-judgmental atmosphere.



October 14th – October 16th

Friday –  October 14th, 6pm – 10pm, Saturday – October 15th, 9am – noon, and

Sunday –  October 16th, noon – 4pm

Metamorphosis Center, 1301 Cliff Road E., Burnsville MN 55337


Wednesdays, October 12, 19, 26, and November 2nd

6:30pm – 9:30pm

Unity of the Valley Spiritual Center, 4011 W. Highway 13, Savage MN 55378

*** Workshop holds a maximum of ten participants so sign up early in order to not miss this opportunity!

Early Bird Sign Up Special!

Sign up by Friday, September 30th, and receive a $100.00 discount off of the regular workshop price – ONLY $299.00 for 12 hours of coaching, supplies and instruction!

Go to the Menu button on this page and click on the “EVENTS” page to register and purchase tickets for the workshop of your choice.

I truly hope you will consider placing this investment into yourself. I know from personal experience that stress can take a heavy toll on our physical and emotional health. As someone who is a bit on the plump side and has had acid reflux, sinus issues, and intestinal sluggishness, I know from personal experience how much better I feel now that I am incorporating mindfulness as a regular part of my daily life. My wish is for you to find the path to your own health and wellness!

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