The Spirit of ’76

Last evening, I had the honor of being a presenter at my 40th high school class reunion. The attendance was phenomenal for our small graduating class from 1976. The energy filled the event room as soon as people starting coming through the door as they recognized old friends and classmates.

I joked during my presentation that many probably did not remember me because I was the rebel girl who skipped my classes more than I went. If you are interested in knowing more about the “why” of my rebellious teenage years, here is a shameless plug to go to my “Store” page on this site and order my book through Amazon.

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Now, back to my class reunion…

A classmate of ours (Jim Johnson) is a minister, so he led us in table prayers and had us take a few minutes of silence as he read off the names of our classmates who have died. The cacophony of voices immediately ceased, as we bowed our heads and remembered those people who have left this world.

This was an especially poignant time for me because I had the daughter of our classmate  Kimmy Kay, sitting right next to me. I had invited Missy to come to represent her mom’s spirit because her mom was such an integral person when it came to our class. Kim was the one with the brightest and whitest smile. Kim was the one who could not wait to have a class reunion, and would have been the first at pulling together a planning committee.

kimmy kay

When I was asked to be a part of the reunion planning committee, and to be the Emcee for the short program, I truly was bewildered. How in the heck did my name even get brought up? I wasn’t a class officer. I wasn’t a cheerleader. I wasn’t involved in clubs or extracurricular activities. I was basically a girl who went to class when she felt like it (which wasn’t often), and I spent my high school years hanging out with friends who were not part of the high school academic scene.

So how did I get nominated to be a part of this 40th class reunion? The answer is simple… my friend Kimmy Kay nominated me.

Kim and I had many years where we did not see each other because we did not live in the same town and we were busy raising our families. I would see her about once a year when I came back to town for the city’s annual street dance, which was like an all class reunion. We would see all of our friends that one night a year and then go back to our day to day lives until the next street dance rolled around a year later.

It was at a friend’s wedding where Kim and I reconnected a few years ago. It was the time that she shared that her cancer was back, only now it was in the liver versus in her breast. I was shocked and so saddened that my friend dealing with this horrific medical issue.

It was from that moment on that I made a decision to not let time lapse between contact, so I sent her text messages frequently during her treatment for the cancer. I would dress up in pink on Fridays and take a selfie to send to her for encouragement as she waged the battle to fight the disease that was slowly robbing her of life.

Then one day, I sent a text to her, asking her how she was doing because I hadn’t heard an update, and the message I received back from Kim’s phone was from her husband. My heart sank to the floor – why was Roger responding from Kim’s phone? He sent me the message that Kim was not doing well at all and he asked me to contact some friends and said that we should come visit her ASAP…

I rode the 150 miles to go see her and when I got to her home, no one was there but her mother. Kim was sitting up in a chair and was soon to be transported to the hospital… her time on this earth was coming to an end. I sat with Kimmy Kay for close to an hour, holding her hand, reminiscing about the great memories we shared. I played with her wedding ring on her hand and talked about the time that she showed it to me secretly before her and Rog’s engagement was formal. I told her how loved she was by all… how her smile was always a bright light that made everyone around her feel special. Kim mumbled a bit here and there but I could not understand her words, yet I knew that she knew I was there, and for some reason (which I would later understand), I was meant to be with her at exactly that day and time. When her brother came, I had the honor to help transfer her into her wheelchair to take her to the hospital… our final earthly visit coming to a close.

I had written a letter to Kimmy Kay while my husband drove me up to visit her that day. A letter that shared a message that I wanted her to hear, but I just could not read it to her that day, so I left it with her family. Her husband told me that he put the letter in the casket. I was grateful because I wanted Kim to take the words of that letter with her on her journey.

So how did I get to be Emcee for this 40th class reunion? My friend Kimmy Kay made the request. Her spirit whispered my name to the planning committee. She knew that I could not refuse because I would never let her down.

Kim and I connected deeply that final day I saw her. We connected physically by my holding her hand, and we connected spiritually through our energy. Kim drew me to her before her death, because she needed me to be the one who she could come to in her spiritual energy, knowing I would always be willing to be her voice.

Last night, I was her voice. Last night her daughter was her energy and her love.

Some may not believe Kim was there last night. Some may not have felt her presence. However, I believe and I felt without a doubt, her energy swooping in, every time we mentioned her name or someone gave her daughter a hug. The electrical energy that is not of this dimension but of that dimension where our souls meet when our physical presence is no longer here.

Kimmy Kay brought a gift to all of us while on this earth as so many of our loved ones do. I encourage all of you who have experienced the death of a beloved family member or friend, to allow yourself to release the deep sadness and fear that arises from grief and open up your hearts and minds to this truth: we are energy and our energy never dies. When your loved one pops into your mind, that is truly them, surrounding you with their love. When you see a symbol that reminds you of your loved one, that is truly them, sending you a physical reminder of their spiritual presence.

As I finish this blog, Kimmy Kay has presented herself to me again, and wants me to share this message with all of you:

“Do not hold sadness in your hearts for those who have died because we are perfectly perfect after we leave earth, and all that we know is love. Do not wait to leave your earthly body to find this amazing, unconditional love – it is within you throughout your physical life. Do not hold on to grudges or guilt. Forgive those who may have treated you unkindly, and forgive yourself for any times you feel you may have not acted with honor or grace. You ARE honor, grace, love and light. Live the human life you have with Peace, Purpose and unending Joy.”





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  1. If I had known the impact of the written words you’ve shared over the past few years I have followed you I don’t think I would have believed it Pat. I am grateful to the Good Forces of the Universe for your presence in my life. I have given and will continue to give thought to the words you have shared with me. I believe in the message Kim sent for you to share. I will remind myself of those words everyday. I believe. I believe. I love you Pat.

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