The Law of Attraction


I finally completed my first book The Mourning’s Light: Life After Child Loss. It is very exciting to see this first book in print, but the first thought that comes to mind is how do I market it?  How do I get it available in electronic media (ebooks)?

I had so many questions and very few answers. I felt a bit over my head because this is all new terrain for me, and I didn’t feel like I had solid footing on the path to being a published author. Sure, I had a paperback copy on Amazon now, but I knew I had to get it onto the Kindle platform. I also knew that I had to find other opportunities to get my book in front of the millions of readers out there in the world who might have interest in hearing my story.

This is where the Law of Attraction comes in. I was looking and the answers found me. Yes, the answers came to me – I did not have to do any searching because what I was looking for floated in front of me. I only needed to be vigilant in knowing when the opportunity knocked, I needed to open the door.

Last week, a course on how to market to libraries showed up through an email. I listened to the free webinar and I knew that my book needs to be marketed to libraries. I learned that my initial book proof was the wrong size for libraries – it was too large. Thankfully this information came to me before I published so I could readjust the size to one that libraries are more apt to consider putting on their shelves.

I also received an email from a woman who I have asked to do my professional head shot photo. She had looked at my website and read that my coaching practice deals with grief and the topic of death & dying. It just so happens that she is hosting an event this week with a speaker who is an authority on this very subject. I now have an opportunity to sponsor a table where I can bring my books for sale and introduce myself to others.

I also met a well-known author and motivational speaker whose story so deeply impacted me that I felt I wanted to share some information from my book – so I handed him my only copy of the proof I had, dog-eared pages and all. In the past, I would have never approached a stranger and pushed a book into his hands, but I listen to the messages when the Universe showed me an opportunity where I had never thought possible.

Finally, I realized that I was clueless in how to format a book into an e-book format. I put out a message on a private Facebook group of writers and within minutes, a woman reached out to me and told me she could take care of my needs (and at a very reasonable cost). It has been less than twenty-four hours and she has a proof back to me already.

All of the situations above just reaffirmed for me that the Law of Attraction works flawlessly when we are committed to reaching a goal.

Here are three things that I have learned about attracting the right energy in your life:

  1. Ask for what you DO want. Phrase it in a positive way versus asking for something that you DO NOT want. This is a very important distinction. The intention I had put forth was: I want my book to be a success.
  2. Keep your eyes open for opportunities. It may come in a marketing email or a Facebook ad. It may be someone you meet unexpectedly. Seize the opportunity if it feels right (you will know in your gut if it feels right). If you wait too long when an opportunity presents itself, it may pass on by.
  3. Believe in yourself. Know that you are the one who puts the Law of Attraction in action.  We have free will so we need to ask in order to receive.

Do you have an example of when the Law of Attraction has brought a great opportunity in front of you? 









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