The Bridge to Your Success for Your Small Business


Are you a small business owner…  a wannabe small business owner, or an entrepreneur who is wondering how to find the right path to make your business highly successful?

How are you feeling right now? Are you excited? Scared? Confident? Passionate? Not really sure what steps to take to get started?

The hard truth is, most small businesses in the U.S. fail before they reach maturity… the statistics can either move us into action or turn a blind eye to reality and jump into the unknown.

What if you had the chance to understand your personal strengths and see how those strengths can either help or possibly hinder you in creating an awesome company?

What if you had the support in taking action on those areas your are procrastinating on?

What if you had someone who would help you complete a market survey to really understand what your competitors are up to?

What if you had the chance to create a business plan that would bring you closer to that dream… that vision… of what you want your company to be?

What if I told you that I can help you? Would you be willing to take a few minutes of your busy life to talk with me about a program that I believe can help you?

Check out the attached information on my new program that I will be starting in a few weeks. For those in the Minneapolis-St.Paul, Minnesota area, I will be facilitating an on-site program in Shakopee, Minnesota.

For those of you outside of Minnesota or who prefer tele-conferencing… I will be hosting this program via the phone.

small biz trifold pdf version

There are only limited spots available for this program, so please do not wait to sign up. You can find the link to sign up on my Events page at this website.

I hope on this first day of 2016, you will make the investment to develop yourself as you develop your business!

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