Dream It… Believe It… Achieve It!


Last month, I made a decision that would change my life completely…, I decided to “retire” from my corporate executive gig and transition into my life coaching business on a full-time basis.

As I have been moving through this transition over the past few weeks, I have experienced a roller-coaster of emotions and memories.  I am leaving a career that spanned over twenty-five years with the same company… yep, I am in the middle of a major life event!

As I reflect back on my career, I am amazed at the amount of change I have been involved in during these past twenty-five years… and the realization has hit me that most of the changes in my career  were created by me… through dreaming, believing, and ultimately achieving what I set out to do.

I am a dreamer…and I dream BIG. I also am an optimist… I BELIEVE good things will happen.  Then throw in a good dose of tenacity… and my dreams always seem to come true. I have been able to achieve awesome results in my life because I always have had this inner sense of knowing that I can do anything I set my mind on doing. This isn’t egotistical… I am not better than anyone else… I just have a strong belief that we humans are pretty amazing, and if one commits oneself to action, anything can be achieved.

When I was interviewing for my first role as a nurse case manager back in 1990, the hiring manager was hesitant to hire me because I was caring for my dad in my home (he was on hospice for terminal cancer). She thought I may not be able to handle taking on a new job position while taking care of my dad. However, what she soon found out was the fact that I was bound and determined to work for this little company! When I walked out of my interview, I knew immediately and without a doubt that this little company was where I belonged… I was a natural fit with its’ vision, values and culture . After hounding the manager with several follow-up phone calls, she relented and hired me!

I dreamed… I believed… I achieved!

I decided after a few years that I wanted to open a satellite office in Central  Minnesota. I had no clue what a business plan was and I was even more clueless on how to write one, but I wrote one up anyway and presented it to the leadership of the company.  The President (and owner) of the company said “no way!” when I pitched my idea. I decided I wasn’t about to give up on this dream of opening an office that would allow me to relocate to an area I wanted to live in and continue working for this company I loved.  I did more market research and I reached out to the COO of the company (a trusted advisor to the president/owner) and gained his buy-in on opening up a small office. I soon got the green light and opened the office where it started out with one employee (me) and grew to 14 employees and a revenue growth to $9M within four years…a win/win for everyone!

I dreamed… I believed… I achieved!

I then had a great opportunity to relocate to Colorado to assist in turning around one of our regional offices. I found myself once again clueless… my first day at the new location, I sat at my desk and said to myself “what the heck does a General Manager of Operations do?” Here I was, a nurse who had never taken one business class in college… now responsible for fixing a sinking ship. Thankfully I was blessed with having a few really smart people who were willing to work side by side with me and we were able to turn the operational results around within 18 months! We went from being an office of shame, to an office of fame! We became so profitable that we were handing out double bonuses to our employees  two years later…

We dreamed… We believed… We achieved!

The success of my four years in Colorado resulted in my returning back to where I started, except I returned not as a nurse case manager but as the Vice President of the nurse case managers and the claims professionals. I had never set out in my career to climb the corporate ladder… in fact, I have always been a bit authority adverse, and not interested in the politics that can go with corporate leadership.  I didn’t care much about job titles and I certainly wasn’t the smartest kid on the block. You see, I just did what I felt were the right things to do and I was willing to be coached, making the necessary changes within myself to be successful.

Now I am at this new crossroads in my life and I have chosen to exit the familiar road I have been traveling back and forth for 25 years. I am moving down the road towards a new destination where I plan on taking up residence as a full-time, self-employed, business owner. My dream has come true… my dream to be a coach and help people achieve their dreams… just like the coaches in my life have helped me (and still do to this day).

Take it from someone who knows…  if you Dream big and Believe in yourself, you will Achieve all that you are looking for… I guarantee it!

What are your dreams? Are you ready to take action and make that dream(s) into a reality?

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