My Gratitude Cup Overflows

2015-10-18 12.33.24

I initially wrote this on Tuesday and sent it out to my comrades at my corporate gig where I have worked for the past 25 years. This was an important message for me to write at this time because we are going through a transition at our workplace with new leadership, and changes in organization structure which will affect some of us quite deeply.

Last night I did a “Meditation Monday” conference call where I do a guided meditation each Monday evening. I started this last week because I thought it was important, especially as we are entering into the holiday season where it is easy to get caught up in the energy and forget to take the time to breathe…

The meditation last night was about gratitude… focusing on having gratitude for ourselves. It is so easy for us to think about how grateful we re for others, but we tend to forget about being grateful for who we are and what we bring to this table we call life.

I hope every one of you takes a few minutes each day to take a few deep breaths and remind yourselves about what makes you special, and bow your head to give thanks… to you.

I then ended the email with this message, which I am sending out to all of you who read my posts…

I want to take this minute to thank everyone for the gift of who you are that you have so generously given to me. The greatest presents I have ever received are those that are the presence of others in my life. It doesn’t matter if our interactions were brief, long-tenured, joyful, or even sometimes downright stressful… all of them contributed to me in a positive way.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of my family, friends, acquaintances and those I have yet to meet. God Bless our soldiers who cannot be home this Thanksgiving and to those families who will have an empty chair at the table because a loved one has died. 


This picture is from the Joshua Tree National Park

In memory of Joshua Gutierrez

Peace, Love and Comfort flowing to his family…

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