Honoring our Veterans

French Letter to American Soldier 2

I am posting this letter in honor of my dad and all the Veterans who have served to protect our rights and the rights of others. This letter is a letter of gratitude from a woman who stood on the side of the road as the American soldiers marched through one of the liberated towns in France during WWII.

I think any one of us would say we hate war. I don’t know anyone who would say, “YAY, I am going off to war and maybe be lucky enough to harm another person!” Our Veterans who are deployed to help other countries fight for their freedom do it because they want to make a positive difference. They believe in their mission. They go to war because they are asked to step up and take great risk to help other human beings.

War is tragic. War is trauma. War sucks in more ways than any of us can imagine unless we have lived it.

Our Veterans are the ones who endure crappy living conditions, being on high alert in a constant state of fear… risking their lives to maybe, just maybe, help save those who do not want to be in a war… like the “school mistress” who wrote this note to my dad. The woman who ran out to the street to shove this letter into a soldier’s hand as they marched past her because she was so happy to be alive and free.

Our Veterans are heroes, pure and simple. For the ones who have made it back home after being deployed, I bow my head in honor and respect to each and every one of you. For those who gave their lives to protect the rights of others, I bow my head in sorrow and deep gratitude for your service. To my friend Jill and  all Gold Star families, I bow my head in prayer and ask that you are always surrounded in comfort and love…

God Bless Our Veterans


Pat Sheveland



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