Affirmations: Believing in Yourself

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It has been a month since I have written a post for my blog… highly unusual for this girl who sets timelines and high expectations for herself…

In the past few weeks, I reached the last mile-marker on my road to becoming a certified coach. After three years of education, practice and preparation with a great group of fellow coaching students, the time arrived… the time to take our certification exams!

I am not one who gets too wigged out over test taking. I never really experienced test anxiety in my many years of formal education…, until now. Part of this test was an oral exam requiring me to coach a “client” over the phone while being recorded and being listened to by the two heads of our school… talk about nerve-wracking!

Prior to taking the oral exam, the CEO of our school, a Master Coach, gave all of us an opportunity to coach her for 15 minutes. Knowing that she intimidated the hell out of me because she is the most accomplished and skillful coach I have ever met, I knew I had to take her up on this offer.

I bombed.

She started the coaching call rattling off as fast as she could about a situation and every time I asked a question, she basically told me that I wasn’t listening to her… my heart was pounding… and my mind went totally blank… neither a good trait for a life or business coach.

This woman who I respected as the best of the best in the coaching world had just taught me one of the most valuable lessons in my life… to understand my “go to” behavior under stress… and to find a way to believe in myself.

I had recently purchased a deck of Guidance Cards from my friend Wendy Hurd, owner of LilyTiger Creative, LLC. These cards connect “I AM” statements with our body’s chakras. After I bombed my practice exam, I pulled out two cards to prepare myself for a “do over” practice oral exam. The cards I pulled were “I AM ATTENTIVE” and “I AM VITAL”.

I put the cards on my bathroom mirror so that I could look at them daily and then I looked myself in my eyes and told myself “I am attentive and vital“. In other words, I am a listener and I needed to take care of myself both mentally and physically while preparing for my exams.

On the day of my “do over”, I had the card ” I AM ATTENTIVE” sitting in front of me on my desk. I did my deep breathing exercise for 5 minutes and then I made the call into my instructor… everything flowed beautifully… I DID IT!

When the time came for me to do the actual oral exam, I followed the same process… reading my affirmation cards daily and practicing mindfulness skills right before the exam, moving myself from fear to belief… having Faith in myself.

I know that I passed my oral exam and am now waiting for the results of the written portion of the exams. I am not nervous. I am breathing easy. I feel confident. Because I know…


My new affirmation Guidance Cards for this week are: “I AM PERMITTED” and “I AM STRONG“. I am permitted to do and be who I want to be. I am strong because whatever comes my way will allow me to use my inner strength to come out a winner… because I believe in myself!

What are some positive affirmations you can tell yourself today? Please share some of your favorite “go to” affirmations that have helped you get through those times of insecurity in your life.


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Pat Sheveland


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