You are Smart. You are Strong. You are Capable.

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As part of a course that I was in for my coach training, I developed and have led a four-week course for doctorate students who have completed their coursework and are now in the dissertation phase of their studies.

As a person who 1) has not been a highly academic sort of individual and 2) cannot even fathom going on to school to pursue my Ph.D., I was a wee bit intimidated and feeling a bit out of my element, coaching these very accomplished people (okay, I was VERY intimidated and feeling WAY out of my comfort zone…).

As we started our course, I quickly realized that I was in a group of awesome women who were all in different stages and phases of their dissertation work, career and life in general. Some were just beginning their careers, others were in their careers for a while, and one lovely woman is in her sixties and pushing up against her ten-year time limit of getting her dissertation completed.

As the group’s coach, my job is to facilitate and encourage these women to gain insight into what might be stopping them, finding ways to create short-term goals and committed actions to reach those goals, and to last (but certainly not least), to go with the flow and allow this group to gel and become each others’ support and cheerleading network.

As these women gained insight and started seeing themselves as smart, strong, and capable, I too starting seeing the same thing within myself… an unexpected gift that showed up just because I took on the challenge and stretched myself beyond my comfort zone.

I highly encourage any of you who are hearing little imaginary voices whispering in your ear, that you are not “smart enough”, “not pretty enough”, “not strong enough”, or “not capable enough” to step outside your comfort zone for just a minute and show yourself that you are…

Smart. Strong. Capable.

What is one small thing you could do this week that you have put off because you are not feeling confident that you will succeed?


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  1. Hurray, Pat, for having the courage to facilitate that group! Thank you for reminding us all to s-t-r-e-t-c-h with boldness.


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