Here, There and Everywhere!


Have you ever felt like you were needing to focus here, there and everywhere? That is how I have felt lately and the more I need to focus, the less focused I am… hmm… maybe there is a lesson in this?

The last couple of weeks I have felt knee-deep in expectations… expectations that only I have put on myself. I am in three courses this summer finishing up my certification requirements so that I can take my exams in October for my coaching certification. I am building some tele-classes… one for a coaching course I am taking, and one that I am collaborating with another person to work with moms of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. I spend two hours a week with two study groups preparing for our coaching certification exams.

I am also in the midst of writing my book about growing up in a grieving family that I plan to have to an editor by the end of this year. Oh yeah, I also work full-time as a leader in the insurance industry…

Yes, I feel like I am here, there and everywhere! I was frankly struggling to keep up with the demands within my life, to the point where I could feel the stress energy building up within me. So what did I do about it?

  1. I re-arranged my office last weekend. I needed to re-create my “space” by changing around my desk… changing my physical surroundings to change my mental status, resulting in a cleaner, more structured view of my world.
  2. I spent a day putting all of my exam materials in binders with tabs to easily find and access the information I need to prepare and take my exams in the fall.
  3. I made it a priority to take my dogs for a walk most evenings. The act of physically moving and spending time with my furry “kids” while breathing in fresh air and viewing nature’s best is an instant calming influence. It is meditation and clears my mind… I get focused.
  4. I also allowed myself to spend time with family and friends. We celebrated by mom’s ninety-first birthday with an impromptu, relaxed family gathering. I also made time to hang out with some friends inviting conversation which moved from deeply emotional to fun-filled laughter.
  5. Lastly, I keep reminding myself that this period of my life is short-term. I have been on my coaching certification journey for three years, exactly the time I set forth as my goal. I am now on the final sprint and as with any race, once I reach the finish line, I will breathe deeply and embrace the feeling of success.

So what is the lesson that I have learned about re-creating focus? I learned that I am in control. I learned that sometimes taking a little detour off the “work” road and spending time with family, friends and the great outdoors, will get me back on a smoother road again.

One other little change occurred on July first… our new granddaughter, Olive Magnolia, was born in New Hampshire. So off we go in a few days to visit our growing family and help them as mommy recovers from her surgery and daddy goes back to work.

Olive Magnolia newborn

Life is not only Good… it is stunningly Beautiful!

How do you handle multiple priorities in your life and stay focused?

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