A Strand of Pearls in the Making…


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Pearl: Metaphor for something rare, fine, admirable and valuable (Wikipedia)

My cousin Barb is celebrating the fourth year anniversary since she opened her salon, named The Pearl Salon.  She has taken the time to write public acknowledgments to honor each of the girls who make up her team… the people who have contributed to the success of her small business.  Her posts are beautiful, heartfelt and individualized for each person…

In reading the posts that she has so eloquently written about the people who work at the salon, I felt it just as important for someone to acknowledge the person who had the vision, the passion and the wherewithal to start her own small business.  Having a small business is a pretty daunting task and having it reach its’ fourth birthday is an even greater feat… the statistics of successfully building a small business are not pretty…

  • By the end of year one, at least 40% of businesses fail.
  • Within 5 years, more than 80%– 800,000 – fail in the United States.

Barb named her salon after two grandmothers and the idea of pearls being the result of transformation and creation…, and a pretty apt name for a place that focuses on creating the result of men, women and children feeling good about themselves as they walk out the door after being cared for within this salon.

When I think of the word Pearl, Janis Joplin comes to my mind … someone rare, fine, admirable and valuable… someone who really made her mark on this world. As I was thinking about Janis,  I started thinking about my cousin Barb and I realized that the Wikipedia description of the word Pearl was also perfect in describing the woman who started The Pearl Salon

  1. Barb is rare… one of a kind.  She is bold yet sensitive.  She is intuitive yet questioning.  She has a shell that can be perceived as hard, yet underneath that outer shell, her heart and soul are amazingly bright and beautiful… just like the pearl.
  2. Barb is fine.  She is the embodiment of high quality and is demanding that superior products, services and skills make up her salon.  In fact,  just last week while I was traveling on business, I had four people… total strangers… randomly blurt out to me “I LOVE your hair”…, “the color is AWESOME”…, “it is so you”!  If those aren’t great testimonies of high quality and being fine in all aspects, then I am not sure what would be!
  3. Barb is admirable.  My cousin was a tiny baby living in an orphanage until she was six months old, when my Uncle George and Aunt Nancy chose that tiny little child to be a part of our family.  Barb could have been a sad, angry, or bitter person about the circumstances surrounding her birth family but she has instead chose to be a proponent for adoption… an advocate for those babies who have no voices to speak of their needs.  She has devoted her adult life to being an incredible parent… a parent who is always present, always loving and always proud of her children… both the children she birthed and the children she has informally “adopted” throughout her life and career.
  4. Barb is valuable. The value she brings to those of us who are blessed knowing her is not measured by financial statements. Her value is measured by the love she bestows upon her clients, her friends, her community and her family. She values others and in turn her own value increases beyond measure.

Yes,  The Pearl Salon is still growing and developing as an adolescent small business where it began four years ago with one single beautiful pearl… a rare, fine, admirable and valuable pearl by the name of Barbara DeMers. I am excited to watch this strand of four years continue to grow longer as it adds on more pearls through the next years – becoming a true work of art!

If you are a small business owner,  what is the metaphor that you would use to describe you and/or your business?

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