Yesterday… Today… Tomorrow…

I have chosen to reblog this post today… one year ago my child and his sister buried their dad… this post is to honor all dads who are no longer on this earth and to send comfort, peace and love to all the children and their families who grieve… especially to my son, his sister Mandy and their Aunt Betty… they are all moving through their grief as it ebbs and flows and it is a beautiful thing to see how a family can rebuild lost relationships.

Pat Sheveland


Earlier this week my ex-husband died…

Over the past twenty-three years,  the memories (good, bad or indifferent) had faded… I had moved on… rarely looked back and left the pain and sadness of the loss of my first marriage behind… or so I thought…

I re-married over twenty years ago to my soul mate… my child’s non-biological father… the man who came into our lives and helped us pick up the pieces when we most needed support,  strength and unconditional love.  We blended our families and my dream of having three children came alive.  I always say I have three awesome children and only had to go through the pain of childbirth once but in reality,  as a parent, we go through the pain of childbirth over and over when we watch our children suffer physical or emotional pain as they move through the various stages of their lives.


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