No New Year Resolutions For Me!

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I am not creating any resolutions for 2015!  I don’t like the term Resolution because it is a word that reminds me of settling… of compromising… and I don’t want to settle or compromise on my life.

As I looked up synonyms for the word Resolution through, there were some great terms that really popped out at me: boldness, dedication, energy, intention.  I also like to think of resolutions as commitments... commitments we make to ourselves which will make our lives more fulfilling and (hopefully) serve others.

When I started my Positive Aspects Today , LLC coaching business,  I created and trademarked the concept A.A.C.T. Today!  Since coaching is all about partnering with our clients to create awareness and actions to help them reach their goals,  A.A.C.T. Today! simplifies the concept of what it takes to create change…  and isn’t that what many of us want to do at the start of a New Year?

Here is a brief overview of what A.A.C.T. Today! consists of:

  1. Assess what areas in your life you would like to make some change and gain clarity on why you want to make those changes. Envision a future that is your life at its best … what does it look like when you get there? Where are you? What are you doing? Who are you with?   When you see where you want to go, take a look at what areas you currently find yourself a bit unfulfilled with and start thinking about what changes you want to make to get to your Best Life.  Is it your physical health…  your relationship(s) with your family…  your financial state… your spirituality… your work…or could it be you do not  play enough?
  2. Adjust what behaviors or external factors need to be stopped… started… or modified to create an action plan for change. This will take some time to think through what you may or may not be doing to get you to your Best Life.  This will be a time that you will most likely find some AHA moments (or at least I hope you will) because awareness and insight are what helps create change.
  3. Commit to the actions that you are going to dedicate your energy to that will get you to your goal.  I recommend being bold in committing yourself to an action… being bold by speaking it out-loud to someone else.  Speaking it out- loud makes your commitment real and allows for accountability.  As a previous smoker, I told myself many times that I was going to quit but when I snuck a smoke  here and there,  it was only myself who knew that I had not been keeping my commitment.  It was when I declared my intention to quit to my family, friends and co-workers that I kept my commitment, staying smoke-free for the past 14 years.
  4. Transform… I have heard that 2015 is a year of change… a year where we will learn more about ourselves and create transformation within our lives. Over the past year, I heard from many people that they are looking for further meaning in their lives. They are searching and seeking out what their life purpose is really meant to be.  Sounds like 2015 may just be the year to find some answers!

No,  I am not going to make any New Year Resolutions… I am going to dedicate my energy to my 2015 Intentions and I would like to share them with you so you can help by being my accountability partners if you would be willing to do soHere are a few of my bigger intentions for 2015:

  1. Complete my initial coaching certification through the International Coaching Federation (ICF).
  2. Write my book about my brother Greg and the impact the death of a child has on a family.
  3. Create our Five-Year Family Plan with my husband… setting up the goals we want to accomplish by the time I hit the age of 62 and transition into another phase of my life.
  4. Continue my spiritual journey by spending time learning, meditating and surrounding myself with like-minded people.

What intentions are you going to dedicate your energy to in 2015?  What are some of the things you want to stop doing?  What are some of the things you want to start doing?  What does your Best Life look like?

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