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Halloween at work


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Last Friday was Halloween, a day where dress code as most of us know it, goes completely out the window!  As I walked around our office checking out the various costumes,  I was amazed by the creativity and imagination of some of our associates and I started thinking about how many varying roles are played within business organizations:

  • The Blind Mouse: The Blind Mouse is the person who is struggling.  It could be the person whose desk is in total disarray, shuffling around all the pieces of paper but unable to focus and have a clear sense of direction.  It could be the person who has a blind spot… they cannot see something about themselves that could potentially de-rail them in their careers.  As a leader of a Blind Mouse,  it can be very frustrating to figure out how to give support and/or direction.  A Blind Mouse will not be successful until they have a breakthrough… an insight… an AHA moment that helps them understand why they are not performing well so that they can move positively forward.
  • The Prisoner: The Prisoner is the person who really has no joy coming to work and doing their job.  They feel chained to the job because they need to have income.  These are the folks who feel victimized every time a change occurs in the workplace.  They feel they have no say in what is happening around them.  The Prisoner can be spotted easily… they surround themselves with other Prisoners and together they form a small gang of naysayers.  Prisoners are also difficult for business leaders to work with because they come across as the negative influencers in the workplace.  It is key to find out what is really important to the Prisoner… most likely it really isn’t about money.  Engagement starts by having a common purpose that allows people to feel like they are making a positive difference in some way.  As a leader, I urge you to sit down with anyone who appears to be a Prisoner and listen for what is not being said… find out what they are really looking for in their life and work together to develop a plan to help the Prisoner feel free to be who they want to be and to go where they want to go.
  • The Superhero: The Superhero is the guy or gal who doesn’t look for recognition but when the going gets tough,  they swoop in and save the day!  They are the folks who come in day after day and do an excellent job with little direction or need for support.  They stay focused and take great ownership in their work.  Then a major project or process change comes up that needs attention and their names are called out to come help.  They immediately change up what they are doing and move into action.  The Superhero is the one the leaders need to make sure they take the time to recognize because Superheros will not toot their own horn… they will quickly move from being a Superhero to going right back to their desks, blending in with the everyone else.
  • The Fireman: The Fireman does what Firemen do best… he/she will put out the fires that arise throughout the life of a business.  Maybe a customer is irate because they feel they were not take care of properly… the Fireman will come in with a gentle touch, a listening ear and a tankful of calm to put out the angry blaze.  Firemen walk through the flames that sometimes burn within a company and quickly assess the situation so that they can focus their energy on the source of the heat, minimizing the damage that misguided decisions or poor execution have caused.

Who are the Blind Mice, the Prisoners, the Superheroes and the Firemen within your organization?  Do you know who they are?  If not,  how are you going to find out?

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  1. Awesome and insightful Pat! I thought of individuals in the workplace that fit each representation as I listened to your audio version of this blog. Very good!

    1. Shawn,

      Thanks for reading my blog. It is interesting to think about the people we work with and how we all play various roles within any organization. Who did you most relate with when you read the blog?


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