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As many of you know,  I am a Life and Business Coach as well as being a leader in Corporate America.  One would think that with my many years of being a corporate executive and leader,  that I should be able to coach myself through situations to determine my strategy and tactics for any given situation but as most coaches and leaders can tell you,  that is not the case.  Coaches need coaching.  Business Leaders need coaching.  In fact,  I would argue that all of us could use some good coaching at various times in our lives regardless of who we are or what we do.

Last night was a prime example of how a quick 30 minutes with a coach helped me to look at things differently… helped me gain insight into why I was feeling a little stuck… helped  me tap into my natural strengths to find solutions.

I am a co-founder of a little FUNdraising event in my community.  My friend Teresa and I decided last year to hold an event at her local business to raise money for a non-profit that we are very passionate about… The Children’s Grief Connection.  The Children’s Grief Connection provides free weekend camps (Hearts of Hope Camp) for school-aged children and their families who are dealing with the effects of grief after someone they loved has died.  My friend experienced the camp through the eyes of a camper… the grieving wife and mom of two small kids when her husband died unexpectedly several years ago.  I experienced camp very differently… through the eyes of a volunteer who just wanted to be a part of helping kids through some of their grief.  Two people… different views… coming together through fate to commit ourselves to a common goal… raising money to help this non-profit organization send more kids and their families to Hearts of Hope Camp.

Now circling back to coaching and why good coaches and leaders need coaching…

Last evening I had a coaching call with a peer who is coaching me.  She helped me figure out what I really wanted to do this week and did not let me stay with my head in the clouds but helped me to plant my feet firmly on the ground and look to see specifically what I wanted to get out of our conversation.  Through her questions,  it became clear to me that I needed to do some assessment of where we were at in terms of getting donations for our raffle auction which is being held in a week.  I needed a specific plan on how to find more donations and even more specifically,  who was I going to ask to help me these next few days to knock on doors, make cold calls and get us to our goal… the goal of having table after table filled with items to bid on for our raffle auction.

As my coach and I talked,  I had to be very honest with her.  Honest about the fact that I really do not like asking people and businesses to  donate… it just isn’t my strong suit.  My coach then said, “What I know about you is that you are a leader” and she then asked how I might use my leadership skills to move forward on the plan to get more donations… DUHwhy didn’t I think of that?  I am a good leader because I surround myself with people who have talents that I do not have. Leaders cannot lead without being surrounded by people who are smarter and more talented than they are.  We all have strengths and we all have areas that are not in our top strengths so a good leader will find people to fill the gaps in their knowledge, experience and personal strengths.

I had a plan at the end of 30 minutes with my coach.  I immediately took a few minutes after our call and wrote down what we had in terms of donations for our event and I sent out a call for help through my social media network.  Today,  the first message I have on my phone is from a wonderful woman named Ruth… she is willing to give  and she has offered to contact some local businesses on Monday to ask for donations!

It just took a few minutes of someone asking me some questions to allow me to see the forest through the trees… to find my AHA moment… and to use that new insight and perspective to move forward with energy and support!

Have you ever worked with a Life Coach?  If so,  how did that experience help you to move forward in action?

If you are interested in learning how a coach can help you,  please contact me and I will be happy to provide a free, no obligation mini-coaching session to see if coaching is right for you!

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