Have you ever had the experience where something happened that was one of those you just can’t make this stuff up moments?  That is exactly what happened when I met a wonderful gal on a flight Indianapolis to Chicago this past Friday morning…

As we were sitting on the plane waiting to hear more about our delayed take-off,  the young woman next to me struck up a conversation with me.  People find it a bit surprising about me (due to my expressive personality style) but I don’t generally talk a lot when I am on a plane.  I am usually focused on catching up on some reading or getting to some paperwork that has been piling up on my “to do” list.  However,  when someone starts conversing with me,  it always ends up to be an inspiring and fulfilling time for me.  Friday’s conversation with Donna was no different.

Donna asked me if I was in Indianapolis on business so I shared with her that I am leader in the insurance industry and also a Life and Small Business Coach.  As is my nature,  I started asking her some questions about who she was and if she worked outside of the home.  She told me about her job as a sales representative that she has been doing for many years and  she also shared that she recently had gotten her real estate license because she is contemplating the possibility about changing up her career.   Why?  

As is another part of my nature,  I am inquisitive and interested in hearing about people… their lives… their goals… their dreams.  I started asking questions and learned that Donna has a sister that she loves deeply and I could tell that her sister was so much more than what a typical definition of “sister” is.  Donna’s sister is a piece of her heart… and that piece of her heart was moving “across the pond” to pursue her own dream… to live in England.

I could see that Donna is torn and a bit heart-broken because her sister will be living so far away… thus Donna’s contemplation about changing her career to something that could allow her more flexibility to take a month or so off every year to go to England to be with her sister.   I could hear the “want” in her voice… the energy that picked up slightly when she talked about having her career support the way she would like to live her life… she is in the period of change that we all go through when starting to plan for a change in our lives… the CONTEMPLATION phase.  The contemplation phase is when we are not ready to step into action… we are sorting through all of the what ifs.  Donna described this time as if her “thoughts are in a bit of chaos…”.  

Donna also shared that she is a very cautious person by nature and I can only imagine how the chaotic thoughts she has been having trying to sort through her feelings and fears is quite painful for her.  For Donna,  playing it safe and keeping everything orderly (and controlled) is her comfort zone… just thinking about changing the status quo was a bit overwhelming for her.

As our flight ended, I handed Donna my card and invited her to read my blog… thinking that she might enjoy reading some of the posts that I have written about change.  I also told her that she may find herself the main topic in a blog post someday (little did she know that I wrote up my notes for this blog on the following flight that I went on that day)!

Back to the topic of this post… Synchronicity…

Donna looked at me at the end of our conversation and said “I have to tell you something… I was on the phone with my friend two days ago and we were talking about all of this and my friend said… ‘you probably need a Life Coach’…”.  As Donna best put it… “we were meant to sit next to each other on this flight”.  We both agreed that things do happen for a reason and that it has to be more than sheer coincidence that her friend mentioned Life Coaching and then she sits next to me on a flight two days afterwards… that my friends, is SYNCHRONICITY!

When have you experienced synchronicity in your life?  I would love to hear some of your examples!

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