Changing Times

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Last week my husband posted a picture and a few words about his dad on Facebook.  This may not seem like a huge deal and people may wonder “why is she writing a blog about her husband writing a Facebook post?”  To me, it is a huge deal… a huge deal because of the fact that my husband is not the expressive one in our family.  He is generally more quiet… a guy of few words.

The words to Bob Dylan’s song comes to mind “For the times they are a-changin’… only the lyrics I am hearing in my head are “For my husband he is a-changin’…”

Reading my husband’s post about his dad (always moving… hands never idle) brought tears to my eyes.  Why?  Because writing that post was a BIG deal for my husband too.  He does not write and he certainly does not publicly announce his love for his family… that’s just the way he rolls… or the way he has rolled up until now…

My husband expressed himself from his heart and gave his dad the greatest gift possible… the gift of acknowledgement from his child.   Acknowledging how much he is appreciated… how much he is admired… and how much he is LOVED by his eldest child.

So why did my husband decide to write a post on Facebook about his dad?  I am not sure but I believe it is because he has changed… change from transitioning as a child to a teenager and from teenager to adult.  He has become a husband… a father… and now a grandfather.  He understands his dad in a way that he never did when he was young.  He understands that his dad shows his love by doing for others… by puttering… by fixing… by taking care of things… for us.

My husband has changed not only because he has a greater understanding of his dad but also because he has become his dad in many ways.  My husband also shows his love by puttering… by fixing… by taking care of things… for all of us.

Yes,  the times they are a-changing’

What is one of the greatest gifts of acknowledgement you have ever received?  What is the greatest acknowledgement you have given?



2 thoughts on “Changing Times

  1. I know I never say anything Pat but I read everyone of these that you write ! I find a great sense of peace and understanding in each one. Thank you for always remaining my friend when so many others want nothing to do with me now that I’m sick. I’m not angry or bitter about it. I really do understand that it’s not the easiest thing to do. But you have always went out of your way to keep in touch with me and I just wanted to tell you how much that has always meant to me. Thanks for being that very special person !

  2. Karrie,

    Thank you for your comments my friend. I am sad that you feel a bit removed from your friends… I think you are right that sometimes people avoid because they do not know how or what to do when someone has a chronic illness. I am one who is fortunate to have several deep friendships… those friendships where we may not see each other for years but when we do re-reconnect it is just like it was yesterday. I have always felt a deep connection with you from day 1 when I was just a 16 year old girl and that deep connection will never go away. I have such great memories and a smile on my face whenever I think of you! Love you my friend!

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