Recipe for Life…

 spice cabinet

I met up with an old friend/boss of mine last week and as we talked about what I have been up to in my life,  he said it’s not about balance… it is about blending”.  Not balance but blending… hmm…, I think he has something there…

Recipes are made up of blending ingredients together, right?  After watching my husband cook for twenty plus years (I literally have not cooked anything since I was about 12…),  I have learned that the ingredients he uses are not always in equal balance.  If we added the same amount of chocolate, flour, sugar, and water in a cake what would we get?  Would the cake be bitter?  Would it be sludgy versus springy in texture?  Having balance… (imagine both sides of a weighted scale perfectly level) may affect texture, flavor, consistency and overall satisfaction with our cake.

It is not only the food we eat but also our lives that are made up of many ingredients… our health, our faith, our family, our jobs, our finances, our physical environment and our friends… and the amount of each ingredient will vary depending on the day, week or year…

Sometimes our jobs/businesses will need more of our time. As a leader in Corporate America and being an Entrepreneur and Small Business owner with my coaching business,  I know that sometimes my emphasis for the week needs to be on being creative while the next week (or day), I need to focus on managing the business or utilizing my technical ability to deliver the results.  As Michael Gerber noted in his book The E-Myth Revisited, I need to be able to blend all three key ingredients of Entrepreneur, Manager and Technician for a shot at a successful business model.

Sometimes our family needs the bulk of our time… having (or adopting) a child, taking care of aging parents, dealing with marital challenges or health issues may need a greater amount of our attention and be the main ingredient in our lives.  We need to be constantly re-allocating our time and energy dependent on whatever that main ingredient is at the time.  Sometimes we need to take a Sabbatical from our “… normal routine…” (Merriam-Webster, Inc. 2014), to keep ourselves mentally and/or spiritually engaged in our lives.  It is finding the right blend of spice, sweetness, and main ingredient(s) that is the  presentation of that dish called Your Life.

Yes,  my friend Tony has it right in my book… it is about BLENDING, not balance…

What is the main ingredient of your life today?  Are you able to find the right blend of where you are spending your time, talent and efforts?

If you find yourself wanting to find the right blend of ingredients in your life and would like to discuss further,  please contact me through my Positive Aspects Today, LLC webpage at or by email at for a free, no obligation coaching session.





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