Stop Ahead…


Have you ever felt totally stopped?  One minute you are cruising through your life easily and then suddenly… a big old STOP SIGN shows up on your path?

This week I know a few people who have all of a sudden been stopped in their tracks without out any warning signs. A group of people I know were told that they are either going to get laid off permanently due to job eliminations or some may be able to reapply for new positions within the restructured organization.   Many of these folks have moved along quietly down their path for ten or twenty years when a huge Red STOP sign was planted firmly in front of them on the road they travel daily.

Another example of being stopped in her tracks is with my daughter.  She was on the last day of a visit to see her brother, sister-in-law and two-year old niece on the east coast when BAM, she basically keels over from abdominal pain and has to be taken by ambulance to the local hospital to undergo emergency surgery.  Yep,  a big old flashing STOPLIGHT showed up out of the blue on this trip and it is stuck on the red light for at least a few days.

When we are stopped without preparation,  we go through a stage of shock… trying to absorb what it means to us.  Some of the questions going through our minds may be: What is this going to do me financially?  How is this going to affect my family?  How does this affect my physical health? What do I do to get moving forward again?  Why did this stop sign show up on my road… why is this happening to me?

We all get stopped at one point or another in our lives which is why I developed a model to help focus on forward action during those times when we are trying to figure out whether we need to turn right, left or continue  straight on down the road… a model I call  A.A.C.T. Today…

The fine people who have been told that their work lives are being totally changed will need to take action to decide if they are going to dust off their resumes and find a new job as quickly as possible.  They need to determine whether they will wait and take some time to figure out a new path or if they will stay and interview for a new place in the restructured organization.

My daughter will need to take action once she starts to recuperate from her surgery to decide if she will try flying to her home in MN or whether she needs one of us to fly out and drive her back home.  She will also need to take action on finding a new medical provider to aid her with her recuperation phase.

So how does one start to process through unplanned events that can stop us from moving forward?  My A.A.C.T. Today model focuses on the following steps:

  1. Assess the situation:  What is the impact to me?  What is the impact to my family? What other paths can I take?  What choices are available to me?  Where do I really want to go… what is my destination?
  2. Adjust your plan:  What steps do I need to take to get on the best road(s) to reach my destination (goals)?
  3. Commit:  What actions do I need to commit to so that I can move down the road?  When do I need to have these actions completed by to get to my destination on time?
  4. Transform:  Has anything new shown up for me that I want to take action on?  How am I going to celebrate my successes as I pass each future mile marker on the road to the life I am seeking?

When we follow our own plan by taking control of our own circumstances,  we will succeed in doing what we really want to do and being who we really want to be…

We will have TRUE happiness!

Do you have an example of when you were totally stopped in your tracks and had to figure out a new way to move down the road?

Are you now feeling stopped or challenged in any way?

If you are interested and ready to A.A.C.T. Today… please visit my website at for contact information.



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