Re-shining my Sparkling Spirit…


As I was leaving work late Friday evening, I walked past a cubicle that had a calendar with the saying on it “Never Let Anyone Dull Your Sparkle” and I literally stopped to take a picture because the words packed a punch that hit me square upside my head.  After a long and trying day at the office,  I realized that I had lost my sparkle … by allowing myself to get frustrated and impatient over a few things during the course of the day.  I allowed myself to get stressed because I was not getting my “to do” list handled like I had intended when I first walked into the office in the morning.  I allowed myself to get stressed when recounting a not so pleasant conversation in a meeting from awhile back.  I allowed myself to get caught up in the verbal and nonverbal “upset” of my management team over a new process we will be working through over the next few weeks.  A myriad of things occurred and in the midst of those things… my sparkle had lost its’ shine…

Looking at that calendar as I was leaving work appeared to be a wake up call for me and I started thinking about my week and how my sparkle waxed and waned throughout the week.   I thought about conversations with my aging mother… my kid… and an associate at work…, conversations that brought me down emotionally… creating a film of grey that dulled the brilliance of who I am.

I also thought about the times during my week when I felt the sparkle of my spirit shine brightly and it seemed that my inner sparkle was lit up by who I was with and what I was doing.  I go to yoga two times a week and invariably there is some laughter and smiles as stories are shared or as we are working through our poses… most of us middle-aged women who have learned to laugh at ourselves when the tree pose topples,  or downward facing dog just doesn’t want to go down…

I also recalled the great conversation with a customer service representative at Macy’s last weekend.  I had just finished running and walking the Susan G. Komen 5K Race For The Cure on Mother’s Day and this woman shared how she had lost her mother many years ago to breast cancer.  While we chatted, she cried tears of gratitude when I told her that my run was for her mother too.  I walked away from that brief conversation with the greatest sparkle within my soul because I knew that I had given that woman a gift that day… the gift of remembering her mother and the gift of tears to remind her that her mother’s spirit continues to after all the years since she passed.

My conclusion to my Friday night reflection and the truth about regaining my sparkle is this:  I am the one who allows my sparkle to become dull and covered with grime… and  I am the only one who can polish myself off and regain the sparkling light that is within my spirit.  My aging mother, my child or my work associates did not cause my light to fade… I simply allowed it… because I am the only one in control of my emotions and whether I feel good, bad or indifferent.  I am the one who decides if I will be happy or sad.  I am the one who decides if I am going to SPARKLE!

“She lived in her magnificence, singing and dancing wherever life took her.”
~ Joan Steffend 2010 ~

Have you ever given up your “Sparkle” because of  allowing conversations or circumstances  that created you to be angry, sad or just plain not care?  How did you regain your “Sparkle”?

Please share your stories!

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  1. Pat- Thank you for sharing! You are such a talented writer…your words having such meaning and truth! Have a beautiful day!

    1. Thank you Kitty. I really appreciate you taking the time to read my blog and hope that it continues to provide meaning to you! Have a blessed rest of your weekend.

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