“Powerful words come with powerful intent.  where you have passion, strength, courage , and determination you can accomplish anything!”  

~K.L. Toth~

Several years ago, I attended a program called “Landmark Forum”, a pretty intensive three-day program that focused on how to live with accountability, communication and most of all… intentionality.  What I remember from that course was the concept that a chair is not a chair until we actually call it a chair.  We have to give it the name of “chair” for it to be a “chair”.  This really helped me understand the power of words.

The words we use and the manner in which we use them is at the core of creating true intentionality.

A good friend of mine was diagnosed last fall (at the age of 46) with Stage 3 colon cancer.  The cancer had invaded her lymph nodes so the proposed treatment plan was intense:  radiation and chemotherapy for six weeks to try and fry the bad cells,  a four to eight week of rest,  then surgery to remove the tumor and lymph nodes and finally rounding it all off with another six months of aggressive chemo.  Many of us would want to curl up in a corner and scream, cry or curse and think “why me“?  What my friend did instead was to grab onto a word… and that word was…


Did she want to curl up in a corner and scream? Sure she did.  Did she cry or curse and think “why me“? Absolutely. However, she always hung onto her word BELIEVE. 

Teresa’s word BELIEVE became an intention… the intention to kick butt on her cancer.  Her intention then started to flow into her family… it quickly moved into her friends… then the energy surrounded acquaintances… it was absorbed by her healthcare providers… and ultimately it became the word and intention of her community.

One week ago, we held a benefit for our friend (who is affectionately called “Momma T“).  The benefit was huge… over 300 Silent Auction items for sale… a Live Auction with some incredible one of a kind donations… four live bands providing music, raffles to win great prizes like Kindle Fires or enough bottles of wine to share daily at your dinner table for months… but the best part of the auction was seeing many people wearing the same t-shirt… a pale green shirt with purple lettering… only one word written on the front… the word BELIEVE.

Teresa’s intention has been to become cancer-free.  Her family, friends and community’s intentions are for Teresa to become cancer-free. She believes… we believe…

This week,  Teresa had her surgery to remove the cancer from her body.  This week,  Teresa is cancer-free

This week, I also met another woman who is facing cancer.  A woman diagnosed a couple of years ago at the age of twenty-seven with breast cancer and was thought to be cancer-free… a survivor.  Recently she went back for a check up thinking she was going to be given a clean bill of health… and BAM… she was given the news that the cancer has returned in her liver and lymph nodes.

This post is for Melissa… because we are going to infuse her with the same intention that we all BELIEVE that she too will become cancer-free…

Whatever words we utter should be chosen with care for people will hear them and be influenced by them...








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