Flowing like an Artesian Well


Artesian Well:  “well from which water flows under natural pressure without pumping.”  ~www.brittanica.com~

We have an artesian well on our river property.  The water flows continuously twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week and three hundred and sixty-five days a year.  It is amazing to me that with the continuous output of water, that it has never run dry.  The water is clear, clean and absolutely refreshing!

I have decided that my life and the people I am surrounded by are very much like that artesian well when it comes to continuously creating an output of refreshing energy…

This month,  my time has been filled up with planning, organizing, and participating in several events.  Last weekend it was volunteering at The Hearts of Hope Grief Camp through the Children’s Grief Connection in Minnesota.  As volunteers,  we work directly with children and their families by providing an environment to help them in releasing anger, allowing love in and creating hope for their future as they move through the grieving process after the death of someone near and dear to them.  It is a pretty emotional weekend filled with laughter, smiles, tears and fears.  By the time I got home Sunday evening,  my heart and mind were filled with memorable moments… filled with sadness and joy…  exhausted yet energized…

Next weekend, I am helping out at a benefit for a good friend who is in treatment for Stage 3 colon cancer.  A friend whose husband died in an accident 12 years ago leaving her to raise her two young sons…, the same friend whose home burned when she was out-of-town a few years ago…,  the same friend who gives every waking moment to supporting friends and strangers by donating her time, talents and treasures to raise money for people and organizations in need…,  the same woman who is now being the “guinea pig” for a fast track program that her hospital is developing to aid cancer patients in moving through their surgery and healing process more quickly.

The weekend after next,  I am working our third annual Toast to the TaTas event in my local community… an event to raise money,  create awareness and honor  those who have (or are) fighting the battle against breast cancer.  As a co-founder of this event,  I have a huge passion and continuous energy to create a memorable event that gets bigger and better year after year.   As my energy grows, it pours into others and it doesn’t take very long before a highly pressurized flow of ideas and activities comes naturally comes forth.

Last but not least,  I have volunteered to run a silent auction event to raise funds for our local downtown business area.  Funds that will make sure that we can continue to line our downtown business streets with beautiful hanging flower baskets… funds that allow us to showcase what a beautiful community we have… beautiful because of the people, the small business owners,  the patrons and the residents of this supportive and generous community.

I am not sharing what I have been involved with to create recognition for myself.  I am sharing this because I am honored to be constantly surrounded by heroes in my daily life…

People are very much like the artisan well…  they have a natural pressure within to contribute to others…  providing a continuous flow of  pure and refreshing goodness...

How is your life like an artesian well?  Who and what naturally creates a pressurized energy within you so that you can live in constant “flow”?

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