Exercising Body, Mind and Soul…

eisley and granmomma swimming

I have been laid up with an upper respiratory “bug” for a week.  Early this week I tried to muscle through it and went into the office for a couple of days and then WHAM,  I ended up totally out of commission for the rest of this week.  My physical activity has pretty much consisted of going from bed to the living room sofa and vice versa.  I did exit the house once when I went to see my doctor (to make sure I wasn’t dealing with something more than a virus) but for three days,  I was sequestered to my home… laying down more than I was upright.

By the time I had spent two nights and a full day lying around,  I was feeling weaker and more sick than when this whole thing began.  Yesterday morning as I slowly made my way into the living room, I decided to try to read a bit because I was starting to feel like my brain was turning into mush with the lack of mental stimuli from lying around watching TV and sleeping the past day.  I started to read a book called Emerging Energy – A Journey Within by Laurie A. Wondra.  Laurie is a “life coach, successful psychic medium and has worked in Executive Management within Information Technology…” and having met her a few times,  I really connect with who she is ( I am also a coach and working in Executive Management for many years).  Laurie states on the back cover of her book that she wrote it to share her own self-discovery process and to share methods to aid her readers into finding their “higher self”.

Reading her book yesterday came at a perfect time for me because I was feeling physically and mentally deconditioned from lying around and feeling sick.  I decided to use a couple of Laurie’s recommendations by doing some meditation and some self-reflection through  journaling… letting my thoughts flow freely from pen to paper.  Laurie speaks of how many of us spend a lot of time “doing” versus “being”.  We fill our days up with activity after activity, never allowing ourselves true quiet time where we are just spending time within… within  our own thoughts and self-reflection… a great way to exercise and flex our mental and spiritual muscles.

Exercising is a way of taking energy and using that energy to move tendons, ligaments, joints and muscles… right?  When we spend time doing exercises in self-reflection, it helps us to understand how we are using positive or negative energy in our lives.  Looking internally and spending quiet time alone with ourselves can help us realize what kind of energy we might be holding on to (or taking in) that is not allowing us to move forward to BE our best self.  Achieving insight can also help us figure out what type of energy we want to absorb and what type of energy we want to release.

My journaling yesterday led me to thinking about our little granddaughter who we had just come home from visiting last week.  As I spent time in self-reflection,  the memories of playing in the hotel pool with her kept popping into my mind.  The memories were of the game she and I had made up… we would count to three and then I would lay my head back in the water to get the back of my head wet.  I would open my eyes as I held her in front of me out of the water and this tiny two-year old would look down at me and bend her head to give me a kiss… a kiss on the lips… a kiss given with such intent… with such unconditional love… with true joy.  Then we would count 1…2…3… and it would be her turn as I would gently lay her back toward the water so she could get the hair on the back of her little head wet.  We ended each time with a kiss and then a big bounce up in the air gleefully yelling “YOU DID IT!”

I realized during this time alone with myself is that my best self is when:

  • I can play as a child…
  • I can give and receive unconditional love…
  • I have positive energy flowing in and out…
  • I exercise my not only my body but also my mind and soul…

What is your favorite way to spend time alone with your thoughts?  Is it meditation?  Yoga? Journaling? Walking or Running?  I would love to hear what works best for you!



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