Out with the Old… In with the New… Attitude!


Unencumbered: adjective 1. not having any burden or impediment

We have been extremely busy moving this past week.  We sold our home in the country and moved into town… a pretty big deal for us since we have not lived in a suburban “neighborhood” for 20 years.  To say that we have been under emotional and physical stress this past week is a dramatic understatement to say the least!

Our decision to move was driven by the desire to make life simpler… to simplify our finances to a less expensive home… to simplify our property to spend less time on upkeep… to simplify to less work and a bit more play… to be more unencumbered as we move beyond our mid life into the next stages of life…

to live simply…

Packing and unpacking all of our household belongings has definitely opened my eyes on how weighed down (encumbered) we are with personal property.  We literally have enough furniture, pots and pans, silverware, entertainment centers,  household cleaning supplies,  wax paper, aluminum foil, plastic wrap, drinking glasses,  coffee cups, plastic containers, television sets, DVD players, pillows, blankets and clothing that could support three families much less just the two of us.

How did we get so wrapped up in acquiring things versus embracing a simple life?  Where sunsets and sunrises were our paintings… where the smell of a fresh breeze through our windows was our room deodorizer… where one television set was enough because we were outside more and the background noise was the chirping of the birds or the rustling of leaves in the trees…

I am not sure how or why we started to surround ourselves with things.  Are we filling some void in our life?  Are we lonely?  Are we  not feeling so good about ourselves for some reason?  Or has it just become a bad habit?  I don’t know the answer but what I do know is that I have created a new intention this week… an intention to move out the old and bring in the new…  a new attitude of abundance.  A new attitude that we are blessed by all kinds of abundance… an abundance of family… an abundance of friends… an abundance of health… an abundance of nature outside of our doors…

In order to move an intention to reality, it requires some thoughtful planning and work in addition to being vigilant in keeping our eyes open for opportunities to move our intentions forward.  The following are some of my intended actions to reach the goal of simplifying my life:

  • As we unpack, we are filling boxes with the things that we have an over-abundance of so that we move those out of our home and make available for others who might be able to use them.
  • We will not go to the store without a list anymore.  We will check our cupboards and closets to make sure we are totally out of any particular supply before we will purchase any more.  I anticipate that we will not have to buy cleaning supplies or tin foil for at least the next year!
  • We will have the TV on less and be outside more.
  • We will spend time with others we care about versus spending time (and money) in malls where we do not know a soul.
  • We will be generous with our abundance…

Have you noticed that your life has become more encumbered overtime?  What are some ideas that you recommend for moving to a more simplified life?

4 thoughts on “Out with the Old… In with the New… Attitude!

  1. Love the philosophy; hope to incorporate into our lives soon. I would relish less material and more simplicity. You’re blog is definitely inspirational!

  2. Funny how you & I seem to have similar themes going on in our lives at the same time. As I am gearing up for my next chapter (going back to school), I decided that I needed to make sure my house was ‘in shape’ and things lined up for that. So, this weekend, as I am cleaning, I am looking around at our ‘stuff’ to see what I can donate, get rid of, etc as well as general cleaning & organizing… of course, I want to tackle our storage/laundry area first, which I am sure has the largest potential of things to purge, but need to stay focused on other higher priorities first…but I know I will get there… in fact, as I was working on things this morning – Jason asked if I was pregnant & nesting! LOL.

    1. Amy,

      You and I definitely fill up our lives and it is the prioritizing and purging that can be most difficult! Good luck on the organizing and tell Jason that yes you are pregnant of sorts… pregnant with the impending birth of a college degree!

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