Full Moon… New Moon

full moon in trees

Full Moon

This week I have been awakened early in the morning (and I mean early… like 3:30 and 4:00am) with the light of a full moon illuminated through the trees outside of my window and shining directly in my face.  This not only happened this week but it happened last month too.  It almost feels like I am purposely being awakened for some reason at this particular time in my life because I have slept in the same bedroom for 12 years and this has never happened before…

I checked out The Farmers Almanac to see what it had to say about the most recent full moon and I learned that the name of this December moon is the “Full Cold Moon”,  the “month when the winter cold fasten’s its grip and the nights become long and dark…”  It is also called the “Long Night’s Moon” by some Native American Tribes.

Yeah, I have definitely been experiencing some long nights…  our house has been on the market for several months and the stress of trying to keep our home show ready on a 24/7 schedule has increased my anxiety levels a bit.  My husband and my two full-grown puppies (aka my furry kids) have been living at our second home (which is two and a half hours away) full-time because our primary home has been on the market since early August.

Last week my good friend was diagnosed with Stage 3 colo-rectal cancer.  Yes, there have been some long nights thinking, praying and waking up with a sadness that is dark and chilling – much like that full December moon…

Now the moon is slowly receding and the bright light is no longer waking me up in the wee hours of the morning.  Soon (January 1st to be exact), a new moon will begin another phase in our lives.  As we begin a new year,  the darkness of winter will slowly give rise to brighter days…

New Moon

Our house has sold and we will soon be moving into a new home… a home where we can create new memories… a home that brings us physically closer to those people we want to be able to care for and support (particularly my eighty-nine year old mom and my friend battling cancer)… a home that allows us to have more financial freedom to do the things we really want to do as we move into our mid to late fifties…

Our current house (that we love and will deeply miss) will be a new home for a young couple with three children.  I can see the excitement in the children’s eyes as the the in-ground pool cover is opened for the first time in the late Spring.  I can hear their laughter as I see all of them (in my mind’s eye) splashing in the water during the hot summer months.  I envision them running through the woods surrounding our home, exploring nature’s hidden treasures… yes, I believe our home is going to be creating an exciting new life and awesome new memories for this young family…

For my dear friend, January will also bring the start of a year-long process battling the cancer that has taken up residence in her body… the beginning of her cure.  As the dark days of winter move forward, it will bring her closer to the day that her surgeon can remove the Big C from her body… when she can finally breathe, knowing that she will be free of that horrible disease.

So as I  move into 2014… one moon phase to another…, these are the things I will try to keep in the forefront of my mind:

  1. I will embrace the New Moon as a new beginning.   We will move into a new home… a new home for us to embrace as we  leave our old home in the care of little hands that will bring new energy and life into the neighborhood.
  2. I will embrace the New Moon as  a sign of healing.  As I stand by my friend in her journey,  I will remember (and remind her too), that each day brings forth another day closer to her cure.
  3. I will embrace the New Moon as renewal of life.  To create new memories with my family, my old friends, my new friends and those friends I have yet to meet.

What do the various moon changes (cycles) symbolize to you?  What are the main things you will keep in the forefront of your mind as you move into 2014?

2 thoughts on “Full Moon… New Moon

  1. Provokes so many thoughts. You remind me that it’s necessary to step back and assess what truly matters in life and for that I’m very grateful!

    1. Lori,

      I went to an evening event Saturday night with a psychic medium and it was interesting to hear that 2013 but more so in 2014, is a time of searching … focusing on our emotional intelligence which to me is a time of increased self reflection (which really prompted this post). I have begun yoga this past year and it really allows me some meditative/contemplative time to create new intentions in my life… Positive intentions…

      Thank you for reading and commenting on my posts. I appreciate you joining my reflective musings!


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