“Hunckler’s Rules”: A Practical Guide to Leadership…


I know a great leader named Steve

who’s wisdom you can take when you leave.

His  style is based on both humor and heart

so please read his “rules”  so you can start…

 Add the practical guides to your day

to improve your leadership through what you do and say!

~Pat Sheveland~

My boss is a great guy (he actually hates the term boss by the way… oops, sorry Steve…).  He is smart, personable and a guy with passion in his walk and talk.  He does not look like the typical insurance guy… suits and ties are definitely not his go to  clothing style and  to say he has the  reserved personality traits typical of many insurance execs would be a gross misrepresentation of who he is.

He is one of those big old bear kind of guys… actually not old since he and I are the same age (I do not consider our tender age of fifty-five as old but more that we have reached that prime age much like a great bottle of wine).  I do consider him a big bear though that would be a Chicago Bears… fan and I mean a serious Chicago Bears’  fan in fact,  all he would have to do  is throw on some knee pads, shoulder pads, helmet and the navy, orange and white team uniform and he could look the part!

As I said earlier,  Steve and I are the same age and with that, we have both had the opportunity to be in many leadership positions over the course of our careers.  I consider myself a strong leader and an effective coach in developing others but as any coach will tell you… coaches learn from each other…

Coaches know that there is so much to learn when we open our minds, eyes and ears to  absorb what others can teach us (what is that saying… listen with one mouth and two ears…).  We know that the wisdom that comes from others’ strengths can help us tap into our own strengths to achieve what we really want to achieve and to be who we really want to be.  My boss is creative… humorous… down-to-earth and thoughtful.   The results of his career speak for themselves.  He is someone I consider a great leader.

Below is an accumulation of leadership thoughts that Steve has put together over the years which he affectionately calls  Hunckler’s Rules (reprinted with his permission of course):

Hunckler’s Rules

  1. Thou shalt not drink thy neighbor’s last beer  always leave something on the table. Put more in that you take out.
  2. Thou shall not trump thy partner’s ace … piggy-back on good ideas and always share the credit.
  3. Be where you need to be … it requires knowing where you need to be at all times.
  4. Never ask your neighbor to take out your trash… don’t transfer your mess to others.
  5. When the rest of your world is wrong… maybe it is time to reconsider (your position)
  6. If you are kind to the cruel – you are cruel to the kind… don’t give a non-performer’s work to others who are performing.
  7. Don’t mistake the rim of the rut for the horizon… look beyond one-year numbers.  Don’t simply compare year over year.
  8. Always answer the question… first
  9. It’s all about the results… not the quality of the excuse.
  10. A practical leader is… simple messages relentlessly repeated

Yes…, today I am an experienced leader and coach…, tomorrow I will be an even better leader and coach!

What do you think of the above rules?  Do you agree with all of them or are there some that you disagree with?  Is there any one of the above rules that you will make efforts to follow more closely?

I would love to hear your comments!


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