Pay Attention

203_9120378385_3452_nI have been traveling a bit the past two weeks for work and as usual during my travels,  there always seems to be some opportunity to take away some lessons learned...

I was on a flight to Chicago on American Airlines and at Chicago, I needed to change planes to a catch a flight to Indianapoiis on a United Airlines flight.  Seems simple enough – right?  I thought so when I was on the plane going to Chicago but at the time I did not realize that the American Airlines terminal was at least fifty miles away from the United terminal (ok, there might be a slight exaggeration in that statement…)!

I walked off the American Airline (AA) flight thinking I was heading out on Concourse L because the flight attendant had announced that the flight to Indy was on Concourse L…of course,  I totally spaced out that I was flying to Indianapolis on United – not AA…oops.  I took my time thinking I was right where I needed to be… I hit the ladies’ room,  I bought a cup of chili and was ready to go sit down by my gate to have my “dinner”, when I decided to check the flight board one more time and then realization hit big time …Uh oh,  I have to get on a United flight… not American!

I proceeded to do the old speed walk routine, one arm pumping, the other dragging my carry-on bag as I started to rush down the terminal… then another terminal… up an escalator… down an escalator…finally I came to Concourse A… dripping wet with sweat and breathing like I was ready to give birth… I was the second to the last person to board my flight…

Morale of my story:

Make sure you check your data before making decision on how fast or slow you should/could go.  Don’t procrastinate because you think you have plenty of time… you may be mistaken  and last but not least…

Always wear your running shoes in this adventure we call LIFE!

The good news:

  1. I made my connecting flight in the nick of time.
  2. I did my cardio exercise for the day.
  3. I created a new blog topic

Pretty good multi-tasking I must say!

When did you find yourself in a situation where you thought you had plenty of time but you found out you were mistaken and you had to sprint to get to the end point?

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