Lessons Learned in the Ladies Room

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Monday was one of those days… one of those “you just can’t make this stuff up” kind of days…

My week’s calendar was full so I decided to run to my healthcare clinic (okay… I actually drove) to get my monthly allergy shot during my lunch hour on Monday.  Not a big deal really,  I go into the clinic, scan my card, get my shot and then sit for thirty minutes to make sure I don’t have some major reaction to the shot.

After my thirty minutes of waiting,  I decided that I better hit the ladies’ room before getting on the road to get back to the office.  What happened next was not what I would consider “lady like” and in fact, most “ladies” would be mortified if they ever found themselves in a similar situation.  As I was in a hurry to get back to work (I know,  sounds weird to be in a hurry to go back to work but that is how I roll…), I decided to not take the time to take off my short winter coat before sitting on the little porcelain throne.  I quickly sat down and  as I finished,  I glanced down at my coat and noticed that my winter scarf only had one end visible…  “hmm, where is the other end?”.  I turned my head to look over my right shoulder… nope, no scarf on that side... then I reached up behind my neck to see if the scarf was hanging behind my neck… once again no scarf…

In my great wisdom,  I decided to pull the one end of the scarf that was visible in front of me and I began to gently pull it forward little by little… I felt like one of those magicians who starts pulling the scarf out of the hat… pulling and pulling and pulling some more … it felt like that scarf was at least a mile long…  and then something wet snaked across my butt… yep… one end of my scarf had been soaking it up in the toilet water that I had just peed in!  EW!

What does one do when they dunked their scarf in the toilet?  I pulled the rest of the scarf out of the toilet,  got myself situated and proceeded to walk out of the bathroom stall with a dripping wet scarf in my hands.  As I was hurrying over to the sink,  another woman came into the bathroom and all I could do was blurt out the news (with my hands draped in my sopping wet scarf) “I dropped my dang scarf into the toilet!”.  The nice lady smiles and says “I’m sure that happens to a lot of people…”.  I am not sure that is altogether true (I have never known anyone who dangled their scarf in the toilet…) but it was nice of her to try to put me at ease during this embarrassing predicament.  Then as she opens the door to go into a stall, she looks over at me and says ” I will never be able to look at a scarf the same way again!”

As with anything that happens in my life, I usually can find something positive or thought-provoking from most situations… the morale of my pee soaked scarf tale is this:

It is always better to take the time to assess  and prepare your surroundings before taking action…

  1. Readytake the necessary steps to check your surroundings before moving into action (e.g. remove my coat before sitting down on the toilet)
  2. Aimbe sure nothing is in the path that could cause damage or be damaged when you move into action (e.g. make sure both ends of the scarf are fully visible before sitting down)
  3. Fire do not pull the trigger on any action until you have assessed any danger zones and removed any obstacles (e.g. do not pee before knowing what might be in the way…)

And yes,  I did go home and immediately threw the scarf into the washer!

1.  Do you have a funny story to tell that helped you walk away with some lessons learned?

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