The Gift…


Today is my ex-husband’s birthday…

You are probably thinking “so what?”   Why would I be writing a blog that begins with the fact that it is my ex’s birthday?

The truth be told,  I am surprised that I even remembered it was his birthday… it is not something that I have really thought about for a long time since we divorced in the early 1990’s.

I think the reason why his birthday popped into my head is because our son came over today to take care of a few things for me because I have been down and out with the flu all day.  My son has definitely inherited some of my traits, especially the ones which involve taking are of others when they are in a vulnerable space (like having the flu kick your butt…).

He also has inherited a love of writing… something both his grandmother (my mom) and I have.  None of us have been formally educated in writing and we are probably not the greatest writers in the world but what we may lack in technique, I believe we make up with heart.

So back to why I remembered it was my ex husband’s birthday… because my son just self published a book.  He wrote a book about forgiving his father for not being a part of his life for over twenty years.  He wrote a book that shares his memories and feelings about being the child of an alcoholic.  A child who was hurt, scared and angry… too young at the time to really be able to sort through the emotional trauma of feeling abandoned by a parent.

Today my son has grown into a man.  A man who has learned to express himself through his writing.  A man who has taken a path to healing the emotional wounds that come with living and loving.  A man who has given his father the gift of forgiveness…

Of all nature’s gift to the human race, what is sweeter to a man than his children?  ~Marcus Tulius Cicero

What is the greatest gift from the heart that you have received?  

What is the greatest gift from the heart that you have given to someone else?

If you are interested in purchasing my son’s book,  you can find it on Amazon and download a Kindle or paperback version…

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