The beauty of Krystle…


As I was sitting in the waiting area to get my hair done last weekend,  I struck up a conversation with a younger woman who was waiting for another stylist.  She wore her hair straight and long and she was quite pretty.  She had the look of an innocent doe-eyed young girl and she seemed a bit shy so I would ask her a question here and there,  sensing that she might be a newcomer to this particular shop so I wanted to try to make her feel comfortable.

I learned that she is a newer transplant to Minnesota.  She is originally from Oregon and relocated here about a year ago because her husband has worked in Minnesota for a couple of years.  She works as a bookkeeper and she now lives in a smaller town that is a bit of a jaunt from the salon we were at.  As I asked a question,  she would answer but that was about the extent of our conversation until she went to her stylist’s chair and I went into mine…

For those of  you who do not frequent hair salons on a regular basis,  it is important to understand that the atmosphere of a salon is all about conversations… conversations between the stylist and the client on every topic imaginable… health, marriages, children, parents, friends… you name it and it has been a conversation in a salon at one time or another.

On this particular trip to the salon,  my ears perked up when I heard the stylist talk to the girl I had tried to strike up a conversation with earlier.  The conversation was something about the length the hair needed to be to donate…  here was this quiet young woman with beautiful long hair sitting in a hair salon because she wanted to donate her hair to support someone who has none… how awesome is that?

I think most of us would have to admit that how we look on the outside is very important to us.  We may say that we don’t care about external appearances and that how we look on the outside doesn’t matter because it is how(who) we are on the inside that counts.  Most of us would agree that we should not judge others on how they look but in reality, most of us do form first impressions just by looking at someone – don’t you agree?

So here is this beautiful young woman with long brown hair who is wanting to cut her hair (that she has grown for eleven years) so she can give a gift to someone who wants to look good on the outside because they are battling a health condition or genetics that has caused them to lose their hair.  She was no longer the shy, young girl of my first impression and she agreed without a moment’s hesitation when I asked if I could take her picture and write a blog about her.

So was she a shy, young girl as I had first thought or is she the confident young woman who emerged after the scissors snipped away at my first impression…?

“Outer beauty attracts, but inner beauty captivates.”  ~ Kate Angell ~

When was the last time you defined someone (perhaps unconsciously) based on their looks alone?  Was it the biker dude with the scruffy beard and worn out leather jacket…  the girl with the tattoos on her neck and arms… or the minister/priest with the white collar…?

4 thoughts on “The beauty of Krystle…

  1. Where Beauty Lives was the theme of the conference that I attended last weekend, a place where 100 hairdressers gathered with passion and enthusiasm. We realize the responsibility that we have with client in our chair, that we can help build self confidence, self esteem and help our guest take their inner beauty and bring it out….. I love what i do, every day…. I am blessed.

  2. Thank you so much for taking the time to write this blog about me. It makes me feel that much more appreciative of the decision I made.

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