A.D.D. : Active. Determined. Doer. Syndrome


“Busy people always find the time…”

That is what someone said to me (with a smile) last week when we were checking out calendars to find a date to hold a fundraising event for an organization we are very passionate about. This is a woman who runs a business, is raising a teenage son by herself,  has another son in college, is active in our community, and puts on fundraising benefits at her establishment several times a year for those in need… all because she has a heart that is bigger than life and she is willing to take the time to help me with this new fundraising event because it is so near and dear to her heart.

I know I have said this before but it bears repeating… isn’t it amazing that quotes, a book, a TV show or a person shows up and is focused on the exact same thing you are thinking about?  I had just given some thought last week (prior to meeting with this awesome lady), that I should write a blog about A.D.D. or the Active, Determined, Doer Syndrome because I had a to do list a mile long and everyday a new idea would pop into this feeble old brain of mine on how I could do another thing, and another thing…

Many of us go from one activity to another, jumping into this, that, and the other thing whether it be at work, at home or at play.  I think most of us would raise our hands and say we have some form of the other A.D.D. (Attention Deficit Disorder) because we have things to do and places to go and people to see with only twenty-four hours in a day so we run from one thing to another… our minds racing from one thought to another…

I have found as I have gotten into middle age and I am careening down that mountain we call life,  I have the need to fill myself up… I need to play full out.  I am not satisfied just sitting and doing nothing.  When I am sitting I need to be doing (writing a blog, reading the 10 different books that I have started to read, responding to emails…).  Filling myself up by interacting positively with people and contributing to others makes me happy,  keeps me sane and gives me more energy.

I have to be honest though, sometimes I feel like I am stretching myself and close to my emotional breaking point similar to a rubber band being pulled to the extreme.  I have realized that when I am stretched and getting ready to snap… it is because I stopped focusing on others and turned my attention internally.  As soon as I start re-focusing on helping others and being a contributor versus a martyr (yes,  that does happen on occasion…), I feel myself loosening up and becoming flexible once again as if that rubber band has been removed from keeping too heavy of a load from falling apart…

This past weekend, I didn’t feel so great with the high humidity wreaking havoc on my sinuses but as I was driving myself up north for the weekend,  I  began to plan and the 2 1/2 hour drive seemed like ten minutes as the ideas just flowed out of me and into my phone’s recorder.  As I started to think about the event and coming up with ideas on how to make this fund raising event a success,  I became excited and I started to physically feel better.

I guess I need to stress myself and according to Thesaurus.com,  the word “stress” can have some positive sounding synonyms… accentuate, emphasize… you see, stress does not always have to be a bad thing.  Stressing myself allows me to accentuate my ability to contribute to others.  Stressing myself emphasizes that I am capable… that I am alive…

As I was in the car traveling up north,  I was filling myself up as I was driving down the road… how cool is that?  To use every minute that I am alive with the plan that I am not going to waste any of it… that I am going to:

 enjoy life

contribute to others


continue to fill myself up


Busy People Always Find The Time!

Do you believe it is okay and can be healthy to fill ourselves up (versus creating down time in life)?

What are you going to do to fill yourself up this week in a positive way?

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