Side Effects of “Happy Drug”…

#title now in place!

Pat Sheveland

“You are the most energized I have ever seen…”

That is what my husband told me a little over two years ago while I was planning my first fund-raising event.  My entrance into fund-raising arose from a comment I literally blurted out one day while overhearing Christopher Straub (local fashion designer and contestant on season 6 of Project Runway) talking with the owner of a clothing boutique in our city.  Christopher said “I think we should do a  trunksale” and I immediately thought (it was one of those out loud thinking moments that I have),  let’s do it  in conjunction with a fund-raiser for Race For the Cure!”  Mind you,  I was not being asked to give an opinion or to even being involved (and to be totally honest,  I was in a dressing room… eavesdropping… ) but that moment was the start of creating my first event…

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