“Don’t Cry Sister” : Creating Change Through Music


I was out on a run yesterday afternoon to get back into my exercise routine after having a pretty erratic work-out schedule the past several weeks.  Life has been quite full since the beginning of July when my husband fractured his ankle while on our motorcycle trip which required surgery (resulting in… zerozipnada… weight bearing these past six weeks plus an additional six weeks of limited weight bearing after that).  Our brand new Harley Davidson motorcycle also sustained over $11,000.00 in damages from the scratches arising out of our little mishap.

We pushed the envelope of stress further by putting our house up for sale.  That doesn’t sound like a big deal except for the fact that after countless hours of repairing, updating and de-cluttering our home, a hail storm blew threw our area the day we put it on the market causing shingles to fly off of the roof.

Oh yeah,  my husband accidentally backed his truck into my car leaving a dent the size of a basketball… and… we just found out yesterday our homeowner’s insurance will not cover the roof damage (the shingles were apparently made to be landfill friendly… they literally disintegrate…).

Yep,  just a wee bit of stress we have created in our life!

As I had stated in a previous post, running is my meditation time.  I love to challenge my physical self to allow negative energy (stress) to be pushed out through rigorous activity and yesterday was no exception.  As I ran down our gravel road with my headphones firmly in place,  J.J. Cale‘s voice came through the earpieces…

Don’t cry sister cry, it’ll be alright in the morning

Don’t cry sister cry, everything will be just fine

Don’t cry sister cry, it’ll be alright, I tell you no lie

Don’t cry sister cry, don’t do it, don’t do it…

Seriously,  you just can’t make this stuff up (which has been my most commonly used phrase of late).  I was literally running down the road feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, angry, sad and every other not-so-happy emotion when J.J. Cale’s lyrics flowed through my headphones.  The message I heard was loud and clear… it was time to stop crying and regain my perspective.

So How does one regain perspective?

  1. By looking through a lens of positivity… (using a “gratitude journal” works well for me)
  2. Allowing that lens of positivity to  filter out negative thoughts… (just using the simple phrase “it could be worse” gets me to re-frame my thinking almost immediately)
  3. By re-focusing and creating clarity  on what is truly important to me …  my line of sight:  being my best for my family, my friends, my clients, in my leadership and for my health (physically, mentally and spiritually).

Coaching is about motivating and supporting the actions a person is going to take to create powerful change within his/her life… and that is exactly what J.J. Cale’s music provided for me…

In Memory of J.J. Cale

December 5, 1938 – July 26, 2013

Do  you have a song that has provided you with the inspiration to create positive change in your life?


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