Superwoman moves to Satisfactory Supporter


Don’t swim against the current.  Just know that you are doing what you have to do, and you’re doing it as well as you are able.  You’re not superwoman and no one expects you to be.”


I am currently reading Find Your Strongest Life… by Marcus Buckingham which is a book about what some of the happiest and most successful woman do.  Buckingham discusses the Ten Myths about the Lives of Women and one of those is:

Women are good at multi-tasking, and it helps them get everything done.

Per Buckingham, women are no better at multi-tasking than our male counterparts and research shows that your IQ drops ten points when you try to do two tasks at the same time! I do not know what my actual IQ is but I am pretty sure that dropping 20 or 30 points off every time I am trying to do two or three things at once (which is pretty much the M.O. of my life), is not the best way to approach life… seems to me, multi-tasking is making me a bit mindless…

This concept came to head yesterday when I was working outdoors trying to freshen up our landscaping so we have some “curb appeal” when we put our home up on the market.  Freshening up are code words for: pulling weeds on a piece of property that is literally set in the woods.  It is one thing to pull weeds in a garden but to rid half an acre of those non-desirable plants is on the cusp of insanity in my book.

Okay…weeds begone… multi-tasking begins… until I realized that my daughter is working on one large section of land and I am working on another… each doing our own thing and making small progress to the naked eye.  A light bulb moment suddenly illuminated my mind… what if Brittany and I work as a team and handle one section of the property at a time?  Wow… team work… what a concept (considering I have ascribed, coached and trained the team concept my whole career…)!

Brittany and I began to focus on one section of the yard and in no time we had it ready for the mulch.  So off in the truck I went to get a load of mulch and when I returned,  there was my teammate patiently waiting for me, ready to spread the mulch.  I hopped into the bed of the truck and scooped, raked and pushed that pile of mulch on the ground while Brittany stood on the ground spreading the red chips across the land.  Within an hour, we had a load done and off I went to get another.  Within a matter of a few hours,  we had spread three yards of mulch on the area we had focused on and we both felt accomplished… our backs ached… our blisters burned… but we felt good because we had reached our common goal for the day.

What did my AHA moment showcase for me?

  1. Superwomen effectiveness can be increased dramatically by working in partnership with Supergirl.
  2. Multi-tasking does not equate with quality.
  3. Team work yields quicker and better results than working alone.

I have thrown off my  Superwoman cape and a new Team Family jersey has taken its place…. I think that IQ of mine may have jumped up a point in the last day!

Are you a multi-tasker?  Do you agree with the research that our IQ actually deteriorates when we multi-task?  Why or why not?

2 thoughts on “Superwoman moves to Satisfactory Supporter

  1. I agree with this to a point – to me – depends on the tasks being done while multi tasking… for example – if I want to watch a program on TV that I recorded – I can do that while dinner is being made and/or while folding clothes. Laundry can be going while I am cleaning another part of the house. But yes, trying to do something like attend a meeting & read something not related to the meeting – one or both will suffer. However, while I was reading this blog & posting a reply – I have eggs boiling on the stove to make hard boiled eggs – does that count as multi tasking? 🙂

    1. Amy, I think there are definitely degrees of multi-tasking and I was a bit surprised by the research in the book I was referring to… 10 point decrease in IQ – wow! I definitely will not be checking messages on my iPhone while listening in a meeting if I really want to hear and contribute. I think many of us multi-task when listening to webinars or virtual meetings and after reading these statistics I realize that I cannot be fully present to listen if I am busy checking emails or writing my “to do” list. Okay, full disclosure… I am listening to Sunday Morning Show while writing this…

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